8 Total Knee Replacement Exercises to Avoid Reviews

If you’ve recently had a knee replacement you are halfway to getting rid of knee pain forever. Nonetheless, many people who have just had knee surgery often wonder if they can get back to a normal lifestyle. The good news is, you can always get back to the main activities and also exercises that you once enjoyed.

Even so, you need to take your time. Take one step at a time as very high-impact activities might not be very realistic immediately you have had a total knee replacement surgery.

So which are the best options and which exercises should you avoid? In this total knee replacement exercises advanced I will focus more on the knee replacement exercises to avoid. After which I might brush through a few total knee replacement exercises tips on why you should avoid them.


Wide squats are pretty much not the best options if you have had a total knee replacement surgery. They often twist the knee caps so much that a replacement will be damaged instantly if you were to engage.

High-impact Sports

Sports such as basketball, soccer, football, and hockey are some of the most demanding workouts that you shouldn’t engage in after a total knee replacement surgery. They can easily wreak havoc on the knees and might easily prevent healing. Your weight will go with the twisting motions and in turn, hurt your knee even further.

TIP: It recommended that you take bed rest and possibly elevating your knees to keep the fluid moving. Even better you can stretch it out lightly to prevent fluid retention. You can ice it too to keep any inflammation on the low. This will be very helpful for you.


Running is often the cause of knee-related injuries such as the torn ACL. They are also known to cause meniscus tear which leads to arthritis which is the more reason to avoid it. Instead of running, you should look for some ideal total knee replacement exercises advanced to go with one step at a time.

High-impact Aerobics

Do you know fast and highly demanding aerobics such as high-speed dancing? These are the things you

need to avoid. With its new caps, your knee needs time to heal. High-speed aerobics on the other side will put so much strain on your knees on the short and highly impactful bursts.

TIP: In case you feel you can’t avoid aerobics after knee surgery, talk to your physician to provide you with the best aerobics routine. Most doctors should be able to modify your aerobics to gentler more manageable versions.


Like running, jogging also poses so much controversy especially after a total knee replacement surgery. Because of this: many experts often advise that you go with a light walking routine instead. You can follow this with a consultation with your doctor to find the best fitness routine to use and the knee replacement exercises to avoid.


While many people are fond of this, cycling is probably the one outdoor activity that you want to avoid after surgery. It is quite tasking and will probably put so much strain around your knees. Cycling is not recommended and you should shelve it until such a time when your doctor says otherwise.


According to the best total knee replacement exercises pdf, lunges are never part of the recommended total knee replacement exercises and pictures. In short, they are not ideal once you have had a total knee replacement procedure. Most experts owe this to the fact that your knees are still too weak to support huge amounts of weight.

Rapid Kicking

Finally, we have rapid kicking. Because of its nature of instant outbursts, rapid kicking will easily leave you with strained knee caps. This is often not the best remedy for pain and a recurring form of pain. By just engaging on a few of these, you might end up with sharp pain and probably no sleep at all.

Choosing Total Knee Replacement Exercises Advanced

Choosing the best total knee replacement exercises advanced will be easy if you do the following things.
Talk to Your Doctor to Advice.

If you seek your doctor’s advice, it will help them to evaluate your condition and advice accordingly. They might even help you in coming up with an ideal work out program for your surgery.

Work with Rehabilitation Experts

Total knee replacement exercises have a protocol that has to be followed once you are from surgery. Working with professional rehabilitation therapists will help you to get the best out of this protocol.

Find Expert Posts and Read Through

Finally, find the best total knee replacement exercises pdf and post and read through to get more insight. This will help you to understand your healing process better and also to know what to do and what not to do.

Nonetheless, ensure that the posts you read are from credible websites such as what we have given you here.

NOTE: Playing by the rules after a total knee replacement surgery is very important. It will help you to get the best results and also to save on your total knee replacement recovery timeline too.


Well, there is still a heightened debate out there whether knee replacement exercise can wear out your knee replacement pretty faster. Let me make an observation here. I have read many of total knee replacement exercises pdfs and downloaded a couple more. However, I haven’t seen such suggestions.

Besides that, no one has recommended that you participate in a marathon race a day after your total knee surgery. Just take a look at the total knee replacement exercises pictures that we have and choose what works for you.

Avoid some of these exercises and activities that we have highlighted and you will have a smooth recovery for your surgery.

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