Best Crutches Reviews and Buying Guide: The Beginner Tips

In case you break a bone or a leg, mobility becomes a hard thing for you. However, that’s now a thing of the past. With the best crutches, you should be up and about in no time.

The use of crutches will enable you to move around easily, even when the leg is still under-recovery. Crutches also make your recovery process and an easy one. It is, therefore, ideal to find a pair of forearm crutches or donjoy crutches for your use.

In this post, I want to make your work easy. I will give you the best reviews and an additional buying guide to help you. Let’s take a look.

01. iWALK2.0 Hands-Free Knee Crutches

If you have mobility challenges because of a leg sprain, IWALK2.0 is the right mobility device for your needs.

This is the best crutches for almost everyone. It is easy to use in comfort and safety and is the best option for hand crutches or knee scooters.

IWALK2.0 gives you the best hand free and pain-free technology that maximizes your functional mobility.

So why is this hand-free crutch cool? First, it comes with a tool-free assembling technology. This means that you won’t have to hassle with adjustable range spanners or pliers. All you need are your hands.

Apart from that, the crutch is also flexible. You can use it in either of the legs without any worries. It can sit on the right or left leg easily, thus saving you the need to buy an extra pair again.
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Apart from easily converting for left or even right leg, this crutch offers easy height adjustments. It has a push-button that adjusts the height on the upper or lower height.


  • Fits children between 4’10” and 6’6″: Adjustable Leg Height
  • Comfortable: Comes with comfort pads
  • Safe for use: Fully adjustable straps
  • Ease to use: Quick release buckles
  • Durable: Strong metallic alloy frame


  • Leg Crutch: No hand-held design


02. Ergobaum Prime 7TH Generation Ergonomic Forearm Crutches – Adult

Another set of ergonomic crutches is the Ergobaum Prime 7TH Generation Ergonomic Forearm Crutches – Adult.

Like the name says, these crutches are designed for adults. Which means they can’t operate as a hands-free model.

Even so, the ideal for users between 5’0″- 6’6″ any day. They are adjustable and support up to 360 lbs.

More importantly, they have the latest 7G Foldable Technology, which makes them highly flexible. You can easily fold them in a compact size and pack them up neatly.

Even better, these also come with a variety of colors to choose from. They are compatible with numerous accessories and have a user manual.

These crutches are made of the best medical-grade materials and even feature shock absorbers. They have LED lights and knee-resting platforms too.

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Again, they also have adjustable grip angled positions and height options. You can rely on the safety light reflectors and ergonomic padded grip for a better experience.

Ergobaum Forearm Crutches

  • Easy to Store: Foldable Technology
  • Safe to use at Night: LED lights
  • Comfortable: Knee-resting platforms
  • Reliable Design: Medical-grade materials
  • Easy to Use: Users between 5’0″- 6’6″


  • Restrictive: Designed strictly for adults


03. Mobilegs Ultra Crutches

Mobilegs Ultra Crutches are some of the best walk easy crutches that you can buy today. They are easy to use and come with some of the best features.

First, they use ultra-saddle technology, which adds comfort and keeps underarm pain away. In addition to that, they also have a contoured frame design.

The frame design enables it to land comfortably in front of your body without causing any barrier.

Mobilegs also allows the users to achieve the slimmest profile, which makes it easier and safer to walk.

The handle has a specialized design that enables the users to maintain a neutral position with their hands. In addition to that, the handle is also angle adjustable and will easily increase your personal comfort.

For best results, you can follow the user guide so as to maximize the best use and also better longevity.

platform crutches

  • Easy to Use: Included User Manual
  • Flexible: Adjustable Handle
  • Strong: Sturdy metallic alloy frame
  • Safe: Rubberized under the frame
  • Comfortable: Ultra Saddle technology


  • One Crutch: Sold as a single crutch/ No pair


04. Hugo Mobility 721-785 Hugo Adjustable Aluminum Crutches

Hugo Mobility 721-785 Hugo Adjustable Aluminum Crutches are very easy to use. They come in a lightweight design that enables them to be used by people of different physicality.

They are made out of lighter than wood aluminum, which gives them the perfect weight for longer user experience.

Even so, lightweight anodized aluminum is sturdy enough and will support up to 300 lbs easily. The Hugo medium-sized for adults are also adjustable and can accommodate different user heights.

From 5′ 2″ to 5′ 10″ these pair of crutches is very dependable. They also feature the dual push-button that gives you a tool-free adjustment.

Contoured tips, which also feature the curved stair deflector for exceptional traction.

More importantly, the design also provides an inbuilt metal ring that protects the crutches from any premature wear.

Also features a thick cushioning in the underarm. This maximizes comfort and leaves you with a memorable experience.

721-785 Hugo Adjustable Crutches

  • Lightweight: Anodized aluminum
  • Medium-sized: 5′ 2″ to 5′ 10″
  • Reliable: Support up to 300 lbs
  • Ease of use: Tool-free adjustment
  • Durable: Inbuilt metal ring
  • Comfortable: Thick cushioning in the underarm


  • Might be limiting: Medium-Sized


05. Medline MDS805161 Aluminum Lightweight Forearm Crutches

Medline MDS805161 Aluminum Lightweight Forearm Crutches are not only the best crutches but also the ideal platform crutches.

They come with telescoping parts that allow them to be adjusted for a perfect fit touch. The crutches come with internal bushings and support external locking nuts too.

The locking technology provides users with a totally silent design. They are vinyl-coated for the best long-lasting touch.

More importantly, these are also tapered for additional longevity and use the contoured arm cuffs for easy movement.

The high-strength aluminum frame makes the tubing light and also very durable. With this pair of crutches, you should have a memorable user experience any day.

Even better, the will also support up to 250-lb. of weight and fit 5’10”-6’6″ people without a hassle.

The design of this set of crutches supports an easy user experience. It also makes you walk safely and easily any day.

 Medline MDS805161 Crutches

  • Sturdy: Support up to 250-lb
  • Flexible: Fits 5’10”-6’6″ people
  • Durable: High-strength aluminum frame
  • Safe: Vinyl-coated
  • Light in Weight: Uses aluminum tubing
  • Ease of Use: Telescoping parts


  • Adults only: Not suitable for Kids

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Best Crutches Buying Guide

Now that you have seen some of the best crutches, I believe it is time to determine the ideal one. Here are a few tips that you should watch out for when buying your platform crutches.


Whether buying donjoy crutches or hands-free crutches, durability is one of the top considerations. You need a crutch that will last longer and give you enough value for your money.

To get such a crutch, make sure that you look at metallic alloy frames. The aluminum frame is one of the best.


A lightweight touch is equally important. You need to ensure that you get a crutch that will not drain you, strain you, or leave you exhausted. Lightweight crutches enable you to use them for longer hours.

So look for a pair of crutches that have a low weight. If possible, they can have tubing or use a light metallic alloy for the frame.


It is not every day will you find a pair of crutches that are customized for you. However, with a few features, you might be able to get the perfect fit crutches for your use. Some of these features include telescoping handles and adjustable frames.

You can look for easy adjustment technologies such as tool-free technology.

Weight Capacity

Another important consideration is the weight capacity. Depending on your weight, you should look for a pair of crutches that covers your weight in its capacity. If you take one that doesn’t, you will easily break the crutch and also sustain an injury in the process.


The comfort of your crutches is very important. This one cuts across. From hand free crutches to loft-stand, you need to remain comfortable at all times. The basic technology for comfort on crutches is padding.

Find the padded arms and grips, and enjoy the best comfort when using your pair. It is important that you read the user manual to understand the type of padding that you have.


Finally, you must ensure that the price of the crutches is within your means. Make sure that you put down a budget and work within the budget. This will help you to get the best most affordable prices.

In case the price is not right, you can use the tips that we have here to land the best model. It is easy and fast.

Additional Tips & Benefits

Apart from all these, when using the best walk easy crutches, there are other additional tips that you need to know. Some of them include the following options.

Apart from other forms of walkers, there are very many benefits to using. Platform crutches, for instance, are very easy to use. They will give you back your independence while you could have been in a wheelchair.

The other benefits include:

  • They are easy to use when climbing or coming down the stairs
  • Highly flexible, and you can adjust them in no-time
  • Less strenuous and will prevent any injury aggravation
  • They come in different models that you can choose in line with needs


In addition to these, here are some of the common questions that will help you to understand your donjoy crutches more.

Are Fold able?

Yes. Some crutches are foldable. They use a folding technology that easily collapses them to a compact design. This makes such as easy to store, transport, or move around with on a trip.

Must I Adjust ?

No and Yes. Depending on your height, stature, and size, you may use the crutches as they are or adjust them to a favorable level. In most cases, people will adjust them because they hardly get the exact size. A little customization goes a long way.

Where Can I Buy Crutches?

With the rise in technology, the best place to buy your crutches is online. Buying online will save you from so many things. You won’t have to move around to shop, you will find a variety of products to shop through, and the crutches will be delivered straight at your doorstep.

Why Do You Need Reflective Crutches?

People who use experience difficulty in mobility. If this is the case, it is unlike them to move out of the way fast as they don’t have such reflexes. Reflective crutches will alert people of your presence when in poorly lit areas.

NOTE: With technology rising, certain crutches also have LED lights to illuminate the way for you. Such ergonomic crutches will have to use some form of battery power. So get an extra pair of batteries just in case.


When looking for a pair of your walk easy, I suppose that you can now find them easily. With these tips that we have here, you won’t have to struggle anymore. Nonetheless, it is important that you get a pair that fits your needs.

The best crutches will help you to move around easily and comfortably. In case your crutches are leaving you with some sort of pain, you should try and adjust them, add some comfort paddings, or change to new ones.

Old and weak crutches are also very dangerous and should be replaced. Good luck with your next big choice.

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