Best Forearm Crutches: Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

In case of an injury, there are many ways to aid your recovery. One of these ways is to find weight bearing support that prevents you from straining. A good way to do that is to use the best forearm crutches when moving around.

Using crutches will help you to support your weight. It will also prevent you from straining your body and in turn boost the rate at which your body responds to treatment. The only thing you need to know is where to buy the crutches and why go for a specific model.

In this post, I will give you top rated forearm crutches reviews. I will also add a simple buying guide to aid you through your choice.

01. Ergobaum Prime 7TH Generation Ergonomic Forearm Crutches

Whether you have a chronic or temporary condition that requires the use of crutches, Ergobaum Prime 7TH Gen Crutches will save your day.

The crutches are ideal for users within 5’0″ and 6’6″ in height. They are also readily adjustable and will give you the perfect fit in no time.

The crutches have a wide range of weight support. They have a maximum weight capacity of 360 lbs and can support a wide range of people too.

Even so, the best part about the 7G forearms crutches is that they are foldable. This makes them one of the best ergonomic generation designs.

Nonetheless, the crutches also have many accessories that they are compatible with.  They are designed from medical-grade materials, which make them very reliable.

Some of the best features that they have include shock absorbers. They also have LED lights for easy illumination during adjustments and knee-resting platforms.

hand free crutches

  • Easy Use: Adjustable grip angle positions
  • Highly Flexible: Adjustable height options
  • Safety for all-round Use: Light reflectors
  • Comfortable: Ergonomic padded grips
  • Light in Weight: Each crutch weighs 2.8 lbs.


  • Needs Battery Replacement: Battery Drains


02. Vive Lightweight Forearm Crutches

The best thing about Vive Lightweight Forearm Crutches is that they pull your weight a little to the outside. They also provide a comfortable design that eliminates fatigue and pain that regular crutches cause to the back.

There is the supportive ergonomic grip that is contoured to maximize the grasp. The contour ensures the handle fits the hand perfectly and reduces fatigue. Apart from that it also ensures proper hand positioning for safer mobility. The crutches are also light in weight.

They are built from lightweight aluminum frame tubing that allows you to have easy movement too. More importantly, the frame is still sturdy and will support a maximum weight of 250 pounds comfortably.

Even so, the aluminum frame is better as it is corrosion-resistant and also very durable. It is adjustable and comes with a push button adjuster for simple 1” increments.

Every crutch is also capped with the best non-skid and non-marking rubberized tip. The rubber capping also gives additional safety and security.

Vive Forearm Crutches

  • Stylish touch and finish: Stylish steel gray matte finish
  • Safety and stability: Non-skid and non-marking rubberized tip
  • Durable and Long lasting touch: Corrosion-resistant aluminum tubing
  • Light in Weight: Aluminum Tubing
  • Comfort in Use: Supportive ergonomic grip


  • Limited Warranty: 60-Day guarantee


03. Ergoactives Latest Generation Ergobaum Crutches

Inspired by the next-generation technology, Ergoactives Latest Generation Ergobaum Crutches is an awesome pair of crutches.

They have the best in-built shock absorbers that will guarantee speedy recovery process. At the same time, they will also minimize on any conventional based crutches injuries. Ergobaum Crutches also provide users with cushioned rides and restores the energy used through normal gait.

These crutches use shock absorbers to reduce impact and provide an extra balance. They also use the same technology to take away any pain that might be associated with walking on crutches. More importantly, they have a built-in leg rest platform that allows you to take a breather in case you feel tired.

The crutches are also fully adjustable and are designed to make your life easier when on the road to recovery. From sporting injuries, accidents, to arthritis, these crutches will help you to restore your mobility in no time.

You won’t have any more joint pain at all. They are the best alternative and will properly fit up to 99% of all adults.

Latest Ergobaum Crutches

  • Maximum Weight: up to 350 lbs
  • Easy handling: Ergonomic padded grips
  • Safety to Use: Safety light reflectors
  • High-end Visibility: LED lights
  • Extremely Light in Weight: Each crutch weighs 2.8 lbs.


  • Need Battery Power: AG13 alkaline batteries


04. Carex Folding Aluminum Underarm Crutches

The Carex Folding Aluminum Underarm Crutches are as the name suggests, underarm crutches with cool features.

These pair of crutches comes with fold able technology that features a convenient collapsible system. This means that you can easily fold the crutches and store them.

The crutches are also very versatile and will work for the kids, adult, and even the tallest users too. Thanks to the height adjustment technology that will easily give you the freedom to customize your crutches.

In addition to that, these crutches also have the sporty blue crutch grips and pads. This blue color gives it a unique touch and makes it extremely stylish too.

If you love to travel, these crutches will fold up easily and give you the best time on the train, plane, or car.

Thankfully, they are also made of aluminum metal and easily supports up to 250lbs in weight. The aluminum touch also makes them lighter than wooden crutches.

It gives them the same strength while, the fold able underarm technology guarantee the comfort that you need.

Aluminum Underarm Crutches

  • Light Weight: Weigh 4.5lbs.
  • Stable and Durable: High-End Aluminum Tubing
  • Perfect for All: Children(4’11”+) or adults(6’4” or less).
  • Comfortable to Use: Underarm Technology
  • Fully Flexible: Easy to Adjust


  • No Shock Technology: Comes with no In-Built Shock Absorbers


05. ORTONYX Ergonomic Handle Forearm Crutches

The next best set of crutches is the ORTONYX Ergonomic Handle Forearm Crutches. They are easy to use and some with additional technologies to benefit from.

First these crutches are best for guys who are looking for quick recovery. They don’t allow your body weight to rest on the crutches and thus prevents you from straining.

They are also made the bi-injected polypropylene and elastomere which maximizes comfort around the hand.

All the crutches are made of sturdy aluminium tubing. The tubing is of very high quality and will support maximum weight capacity of 308 lbs.

The crutches also come with the height adjustable technology. You can therefore set the perfect fit size for your use.

The crutches are ligh and weigh 1.15 lb per crutch. They can be easily adjusted between 30″-39″ and have a supporting angle of 28 degrees. When using the crutches, ensure that you take your time to follow the user manual to the last tip.

Handle Forearm Crutches

  • Light in Weight: 1.15 lb per crutch
  • Easy to Use: Adjustable Height
  • Maximum Range: 30″-39″ adjustable range
  • Higher Weight: 308 lb
  • Better Support Angle: 28 degree


  • No Reflector: Lack of Illuminating LED Lights


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06. FDI Ergodynamic Forearm Crutches

The FDI Ergodynamic Forearm Crutches are modern crutches with additional benefits to the body. They can help you to recover faster and will also minimize strains.

The forearm crutches are the lightest crutches with the best integrated shock absorption technology.

They weigh only 1.32 lbs or 600g for every crutch. This makes them the easiest crutches to move around with.

The shock absorb-er technology also comes in a 3 shock absorb-er spring weight range that makes them very reliable.

They operate smoothly and have soft and replaceable forearm padding. They also have ultra-soft replaceable grips.

More importantly, these crutches are made or contoured handles that provide no-slip grip. They are also supported with aluminum tubing that is not only durable but also very sturdy.

The tips of the crutches have rubberized caps that make them very safe to use. It prevents them from scratching the floors or slipping as you move.

FDI Forearm Crutches

  • Comfortable in Movement: Shock Absorb-er Technology
  • Safe to Use: Rubberized Tips
  • Easy to Fit: Adjustable height options
  • Easy Resting: Knee-resting platforms
  • High Flexibility: Adjustable grip angle position


  • Limited Information: Shallow User Manual


07. Hugo Mobility 721-785 Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Crutches

Hugo Mobility 721-785 Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Crutches are lighter than the conventional wooden crutches.

They are manufactured from the lightweight anodized aluminum and have one of the best strengths.

The crutches will easily support up to 300 lbs of weight. However, they only come in adult sizes. Nonetheless, they are easy to adjust and will accommodate a wider range of user height from between 5′ 2″ to 5′ 10″.

The crutches feature the dual push-button for quicker adjustments. The tips of the crutches are contoured tips that also feature the curved stair deflector for maximum stability.

Even so, they also provide unique traction and a built in metal ring that protects them against premature wear and tear.

Hugo Crutches also feature a thick cushioned underarm pad for additional comfort. They have washable hand grips that are made from the natural foam cushioning to absorb any impact.

Lightweight Aluminum Crutches

  • Very Strong: Lightweight anodized aluminum
  • Supports High Weight: Up to 300 lbs
  • Quick Adjustment: Dual adjustments push-buttons
  • Safe and Reliable: Contoured crutch Tips
  • Durable: built in metal ring protector


  • Wears Off Easy: Underarm Foam Has Shorter Lifespan


Best Forearm Crutches Buying Guide

Now that you have seen the top reviews, it is time to choose your best forearm crutches. Here is how you pick the perfect fit for you.

Metallic Alloy Tubing

Make sure that you choose a pair of crutches that have been designed from metallic alloy tubing. The best metallic alloys will last longer. They will meet the demanding job with an incredible ease. For crutches, many people often opt for aluminum tubing. They are durable and very sturdy too.

Think of the Weight

There are two types of weight that you must look at when buying crutches. Look at the weight of the crutches themselves and keep in mind your weight too. If you must use your crutches for long, you need them to be very light.

The good thing is, aluminum metals are generally light. They are lighter than wood and won’t weight so much. An extensive use of aluminum crutches won’t also leave you with too much exhaustion.

Secondly, is your weight; how much you weigh is very important. Make sure that it is within the weight limits of the crutches. No crutches will bear more than their weight capacity when in use.

Look for Safety

How you keep a safe pair of crutches will depend on the type of construction. If your crutches are properly constructed, you won’t find a problem. Go for crutches that have the following features.

  • Rubberized Tips: Non-slip touch
  • Contoured handles: High impact grip
  • Light reflectors: For dim lit areas

Quick Adjustments

No one gets the perfect fit crutches once they buy. Again everybody’s comfort zone differs. That’s why it is very important to ensure that you get crutches that are easy to adjust. Look for crutches that have super easy height increments. The smaller the increments the better it is to customize the crutches.

Overall Comfort

Not every forearm crutches are comfortable. Sometimes, you may have to tweak your crutches alone. Nonetheless, when buying crutches, you must make sure that you have additional comfort features. Look out for the following features in your pair of crutches:

  • Shock absorption technology: This one prevents strains and makes it easy to use crutches
  • Padded crutches top: If the top section of the crutches are padded it won’t pressure you
  • Padded handles: The handles should be padded or cushioned to keep hands on an easy spree.

We also have a detailed review how to walk with a cane in case if you want to check that out.

Additional Tips for the Best Forearm Crutches

Apart from the things that we have here, there are still additional need-to-know facts factors about the best forearm crutches. They include the following:

Buying Factors

The first things are the other buying tips that you must know. These buying tips are different from what we have seen. They include the following:

  • User Feedbacks: Check out what the previous users say about the forearm crutches
  • Price of Crutches: Know what the price of the crutches are and if they meet the budget
  • Color/Hues: You don’t want boring crutches. Can you find your favorite color there?
  • Warranty: This one helps you in covering any unexpected manufacturing defects.

Care and Maintenance

Which types of crutches have you? What is the best care and maintenance for the crutches? Crutches might differ on how they are cared for due to design, shape, or type of material. Even so, there are some basic care and maintenance tips that you can go with.

  • Follow the user manual to the last word
  • Clean your best forearm crutches after use
  • Tighten any loose edges and screws too
  • Replace worn out rubber tips for grip
  • Clean the paddings from time to time

What are the Best Forearm Crutches for Me?

The best crutches for your use depend on one main thing; if the crutches can meet your needs. A pair of crutches that can meet your budget, favor your movement, leave you with no mishaps, and support your weight is the best option for you.

The only thing worth mentioning is this, some manufacturers are seasonal. Others are reliable and have been around for decades. The latter must be doing something right. That’s why the best applies.

Where to Buy Crutches

It is true that you have the best forearm crutches reviews. However, do you know the best place to purchase an ideal pair? I always recommend buying your best crutches online. Online buying is not only convenient but also very reliable. It has so many advantages to it such as these:

  • You will get the best prices
  • Making payment is very easy
  • You will get doorstep delivery
  • There are a variety of products to choose from
  • You will have direct customer-manufacturer warranty
  • You can shop, compare, and purchase your crutches in the comfort of your home.

NOTE: Some forearm crutches are made of wood. Wood is very durable. It also has a good weight bearing capacity. However, in most cases wood will be heavier than aluminum tubing. But like aluminum, they are also resistant to corrosion.


When choosing the best forearm crutches for your use, it is true that you will find many cool options. However, you must be patient to choose the right model. Rushing into making a choice might leave you with very bad products.

Follow the buying tips that we have here. Then compare them to your needs and make a choice of what model meets your needs. With the right choice of a forearm crutch, you will restore your mobility in no time.

There is always the need to also go with your style, which is okay.

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