Best Ice Packs for Knees : Managing Pain after Knee Surgery

After getting knee surgery, the pain can be very severe. On some occasions, you could sustain a knee inflammation. Managing the pain with normal analgesics might be hard. However, if you get the best ice packs for knees the job will be easy.

From gel ice packs for knees to chilled water, there are several knee ice packs you might use. However, before you choose which ice pack to go with, you should know where to buy ice packs.

In this post, I will show you where to buy ice packs, how to use an ice pack for knee, and show you why you need them. More importantly, I will give you a few reviews of the best ice packs for knees.

How to Choose the Best Ice Packs For Knees

Knowing where to buy the ice packs and how to choose the best ice packs for knees is crucial. Lucky for you, I have the tip for you right here.


Your knee is painful. It is either inflamed or simply painful. You need to reduce the pain and not aggravate it. Putting more weight on it will add more strain to the knee and cause pain. Therefore, it is best to go with light gel ice packs for knees.


All best ice packs for knees come with several inserts for the gel pads. Depending on how much pain you are feeling you could need more or lesser inserts. From my research, I would suggest taking one that has inserts for the back and front.


Look for a loop and hook strap. This type of strap is adjustable. It won’t also slip once you wrap it.

Where Can I Buy Ice Packs?

The best ice machine for knees post-surgery can be bought online. The reasons why you should buy them online are simple. Online buying gives you a variety of models to choose from. It also gives you numerous offers including discounted prices and firsthand warranties.

01. Polar ICE Knee WRAP – Standard

Polar ICE Knee WRAP – Standard

Another cool ice wrap is the Polar ICE Knee WRAP – Standard. This ice wrap delivers many benefits. One of these benefits is that of cryotherapy which it provides with its compression for soft tissue trauma.

Its use of cold therapy allows a quick reduction of pain. It also controls mild or severe edema around the swollen area and quickly restores normal functions.

The ice pack wrap is easy to adjust. Thanks to the hook and loop closure straps that it comes with. It also has a fleece wrap that conforms to the body.

The fleece wrap also insulates the skin to prevent any form of frostbite. It is best used for post-surgical therapy and during rehabilitation.

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  • Soft fleece covering – protects skin
  • Weight: 1
  • Dimension: 13” x 15.75”
  • Light green color

TIP: Buy if you need an effective way to get quick pain relief for bruises, sprains or even knee injuries that require cold therapy.

02. Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold All Purpose Therapy Wraps

Elasto Gel, Hot/Cold Wrap, 9 X 24,

The next best ice packs for knees are the Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold All Purpose Therapy Wraps. It is a highly durable knee pack.

The knee pack can be used repeatedly and will not leak in case it is punctured. More importantly, it will remain very soft and highly pliable even up to -20 degrees F.

Nonetheless, it is also microwavable, which means you can use it for hot therapy. Yet, what makes it stand out more is its Latex-Free design.

This one makes it super ideal for people of all ages and health conditions to use. The ice wrap is ultra-light and you will never feel its weight around your knee.

You can, therefore, rely on it fully, knowing that it won’t put any additional strain around your painful knee.

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  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Leak-Proof
  • Soft/pliable
  • Microwavable
  • Latex-Free
  • Weight: 1 pound

TIP: Best if you want something ultra-light for your sore knee. Use over very painful post-op knees.

03. Reusable Large Gel Ice Pack with Wrap by TheraPAQ

TheraPAQ Ice Packs

Like the ice pack above, the Reusable Large Gel Ice Pack with Wrap by TheraPAQ is also good for hot and cold therapy.

The gel pack can be either microwaved or frozen as needed thus allowing for both hot and cold therapy.

It is ideal for anyone who wants to combat and relieve muscle pain. From severe aching sprains, swelling, arthritis, to post-surgery therapy of the knee this ice pack will come in handy.

Its size and high-quality construction also allow you to easily wrap it around your knee, hip, calves, thighs, or shins.

Unlike the small and tight therapy wraps that are very uncomfortable, this reusable ice pack is perfectly designed to keep you relaxed. Thanks to the adjustable elastic hook-and-loop straps that provide a snug fit.

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  • Microwavable
  • Hook-and-loop straps
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds

TIP: Best for people who want a gel ice pack. It makes it easy to freeze or microwave as required before use.

04. Best Knee Ice Pack Wrap by TheraPAQ

Best Knee Ice Pack Wrap by TheraPAQ

Like its sister before it, this Best Knee Ice Pack Wrap by TheraPAQ works the same. However, there is a slight difference when it comes to size and weight.

The Best Knee Ice Pack Wrap by TheraPAQ is super light, much more compact, and weighs only 1 pound. The other features and functionalities are the same. Like the one before it, this one is also ideal for both cold and hot therapy.

It uses gel packs and comes with an adjustable loop and hook straps for a non-slip touch. Even so, the color is cool and the design looks better when worn.

I loved it because it is very elastic. More importantly, it can be used to relieve aching sprains, arthritis, swellings, to post-surgery therapy of the knee.

In case you want to use it, you will find a helpful user manual that you can follow. The use is easy and less demanding too.

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  • User manual
  • Users gel packs
  • Loop and hook adjustable straps
  • Soft black color
  • Microwavable

TIP: Use for less severe pains.

05. Koo-Care Large Flexible Large Gel Ice Pack and Wrap

Koo-Care Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack

Koo-Care Large Flexible Large Gel Ice Pack and Wrap is designed from nylon and a non-toxic gel ice pack.

It comes with a matching wrap and a useful extension band. The pack can be used for both hot and cold compresses and will remain flexible even when frozen.

It is FDA approved and the gel ice pack is large enough to wrap around your knee. More importantly, the ice pack feels soft and comfortable. It is a multi-function pack that can be used for the shoulders, arms, back, hips, thighs, and knees too.

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  • Universal large size 11″ x 14″
  • Comfortable nylon material
  • Reusable and microwaveable
  • Flexible and soft at 0°F(-18°C)
  • 1 polyester wrap
  • 2 elastic bands
  • Elastic band with hook and loop fastener
  • 9 pounds

TIP: Best if you need a highly elastic ice pack that is ideal for hot and cold therapy

06. Vive Knee Cold/Hot Gel Ice Pack Wrap

Vive Knee Cold/Hot Gel Ice Pack Wrap

Finally, we will look at the Vive Knee Cold/Hot Gel Ice Pack Wrap. These gel ice packs for knees are stylish and very attractive. It provides quick pain relief for both the front and the back of the knee. It is highly adjustable and is best for hot or cold therapy.

Vive cold knee brace will effectively reduce swelling, pain and any form of an inflammation on men, women, and kids. The soft knee ice pack brace also provides very comfortable relief for sprains and strains. It is FDA approved and highly recommended for ACL, arthritis, surgery and more.

It uses gel packs. The Arctic Flex gel packs are removable and each pack can easily slip into any of the three pockets. You will find two pockets on the front and one behind the knee brace. The gel packs used are non-toxic, reusable, leak-proof, and made of latex-free material.

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  • Four adjustable straps
  • 21” circumferences
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Neoprene material
  • Latex-free gels
  • Three gel packs

TIP: Best for both men and women and ideal for both knees. You can use it with your spouse.

07. 360 Degrees Knee Ice Pack by A to P Total Knee Wraps

360 Degrees Knee Ice Pack by A to P Total Knee Wraps

The first best ice packs for knees that we are going to look at are the patented 360 degrees A to P Total Knee Ice Wrap.

As the name suggests, this knee ice pack provides unique ice coverage. It also provides quick pain relief to a painful joint.

According to reviews from its previous users, this ice pack wrap will cover the most skin surface area. Thanks to the 200+ square inches of top ice coverage that the wrapper will roll around the injured leg.

Consequently, the people who use the 360 wraps will get the perfect therapy for any post-op swelling!

More importantly, the knee wrap only weighs 2.8 pounds. This makes it super light for even an injured knee. And the color is also pretty cool too.

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  • 1 wrap
  • 3 Ice inserts
  • Information Card

TIP: Best for post-surgical knee replacement surgery. It can also be used for any pain and swelling that occurs around the knee.

How to Use Ice Pack for Knee Pain

Using the best ice machine for knees is no brainer. For the pack, here is what you can do.

Hot Application

For the Hot Water Method, you need to boil water in a pot. Once the water is boiled, you will take a gel pack and immerse the gel pack in the hot water. Let the gel pack stay in there for about 8-10 minutes.

Then remove the pack and wipe it off. Use a micro-fiber cloth. Check the temperature of the pack and fit them in their respective inserts. Wrap the pack around your painful knee.

Another method for hot application is the Microwave Method. In this case, you need to flatten the gel pack. Then heat it at full power in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Once done, knead the gel pack and check their temperature and insert it before wrapping around the knee.

NOTE: In case the gel pack is frozen, it is recommended that you bring it to the room temperature first before heating.

Cold Application

Contrary to the hot application, the cold application is generally easy. Freeze the gel ice packs for knees in the freezer. Let them stay in there for at least 2 hours before you bring them out and use them.

Is Ice Pack Good For Knee Pain?

Yes. Ice packs are good for knee pain. For a home remedy, you can rest your knee, elevate it, use an ice pack, or use heat therapy to manage the pain. Since ice packs can offer both hot and cold applications for longer, they are better.

More importantly, you can easily control the temperature that you put on your knees. In addition to that, the temperature that you choose will be maintained for longer thus providing better therapy.

Ice Therapy Machine For Knee

Unlike ice packs, the ice therapy machine for knee pain works differently. This is an appliance that uses thermal technology to maintain ice temperatures for longer. They could also release chilled water instead of ice. Ice therapy machines are better since the ice also lasts longer so you don’t have to move around a lot.

Conclusion best ice packs for knees

Now you know where to buy ice packs and also how to use the best ice packs for knees. You can now choose an ice pack that will suit your knee. Ice packs will come in handy after knee replacement surgery or in case you want to maintain knee pain.

Nonetheless, before you buy your best ice packs for knee pain, I suggest talking to your doctor first. The doctor will be in a position to advise you on how long you should let the ice sit. Typically the risk of frost is real and the more caution you take the better. participates in the Amazon Associates Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon. This means that whenever you buy a product on Amazon from a link on here, we get a small percentage of its price.