Best Knee Pads All Mountain Biking – Triple Eight ExoSkin Knee Guard

Triple Eight ExoSkin Knee Pad worked great while learning to snowboard, but it would recommend to any sport that require knee protection, even to some religious freaks paying a penitence. Overall customer review says this product is best knee pads all mountain biking perfect and comfortable.

Perfect for whom this best knee pads:

Specifically designed for mountain biker. These pads also work great for snowboarding and as a low-profile under pant skate pad. Perfectly used for snow-boarding. They never fall down, they aren’t too hot, and they’re very comfortable. Though these are made for biking or skating, but they are perfect for softball also.

Best Knee Pads All Mountain Biking Review of Triple Eight ExoSkin Knee Pad

Best knee pads all mountain

Best Knee Pads All Mountain Important feature:

  • This knee guard has covered 8-link foam padding with high density.
  • Maximum abrasion and slit or scratch resistance with outside cover.
  • Especially made with perforated neoprene for breath ability.
  • Terry cloth of inner side knee pad keeps comfort and sweat absorption.
  • Best knee pads for snowboarding.
  • Please be aware of sizing, there are three sizes are available that is large, medium and small.
  • Knee Guard Technical Details:
  • Color Black.
  • Package Height 3 x 6 x 11.5 inches.
  • Shipping Weight 0.25 pounds.
  • Sport Type Skate.

Works perfectly! Feels like you’re falling in a pillow. Best part- they do not slide up/down/sides at all. Moderate protection, Big Comfort. Ideal for Snowboarding. Great knee pads don’t ride without them.


If you have muscle on your legs these are not for you. Be aware of sizing because some bad review are seen about its size.


Comfortable knee pads with an opening behind the knee to allow easier movement, circulation and ventilation. Great placement of padding on each impact zone surrounding the knee. Straps aren’t even necessary but serve as a cinch that immobilizes the pads. Highly recommended best knee pads for all mountain riding.

Product descriptions:

The Exoskin triple eight knee pad is a light weight, scrape resistant and very convenient knee pad. it is a best knee pads for all mountain. It’s specially designed with the needs of mountain biking and BMX mind. This knee pads works great for snowboarding also. And make as a small shape for wearing under pant skate pad.

It’s a high density knee pad with eight link foam padding short of knee wear. This knee pad inside are prepare with terry cloth lining for comfort and perspiration absorption. It’s an outside Kevlar knee cover for maximum scrap and split resistance. It has covered with perforated neoprene for proper breath ability.

This knee pad features also six padded pocket for key impact area of the knee pads sides. Most important thing is, there are included all important multiply in this knee pads. For that’s why it converted as the best knee pads for all mountain.

User’s opinions:

How does it work? While you wear this knee pad it’s give you strong feeling. By covering your knees it’s protect your knees with terry cloth lining from any scrap and split making.

Is this enough suitable for snowboarding? This knee pad is specially designed for mountain biking and snowboarding. Not only that, its works great for those. If anybody most of the work on his knees then will it be flexible for long time?

This knee pad is super flexible so do not need worry about that. Although it depends on how much pressure you apply on your knees. However it’s a long lasting product. And its keeps well your knee for long time. And it’s a best knee pads for all mountain.

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