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Best Knee Pads Review of SuperiorBilt Platinum Knee Pads.

Best knee pads for flooring People who are related to a floor related job, need to have their knees in contact with the floor for a long time. Also, sometimes, they have to support their whole body on knees, which takes a lot of pressure on the knees. Thus works for along time can damage the knee a lot. So, you need to buy a knee pad for your flooring job purpose. Here we have mentioned the best flooring knee pad in the review, and now it’s the buying guidelines.
Here are some facts you have to consider while purchasing a knee floor pad for yourself-

Match to Your Knee Caps

Unlike other users, flooring best knee pads users have to put the pressure of the body n their knees, especially knee caps. So, it’s the first recommendation to chose the knee pad considering the size of knee Cap. If any knee pad doesn’t meet the requirement perfect, you should reject that at the very first chance.

Wide Strapping Feature

Workers, who are supposed to use knee pads have to crawl a lot on the floor. So its recommended that your knee pad has a strong and wide strapping feature that will hold your knees tight and won’t let you bind behind your legs. So, while purchasing the product, chose the perfect size and strong stoppers. You can also give a try out to see how does it work for you.

Extended Working Time

Apart from cost and material, more important fact it how on your knee pads can serve you for flooring works. So, chose knee pads of rigid materials like plastic to ensure that, it won’t be the dump and serve you with the knee protection for a longer period.

best knee pads


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Lastly, you have to be aware of your comforts. If the size doesn’t fit you, or the materials become itchy, then you will be uncomfortable with your knee pad. Such interruptions to your knee comforts can cause some disturbs in your works. So ensure quality materials and comforts as well.

The design is simply the best for alleviating the pressure from the knees. These Platinum Knee Pads allow extended working time with minimal discomfort. Protect your knee by using best knee guard.


Whom is this product design for:

These Platinum Knee Pads are the best ever. Perfect for forklift mechanic, tile laying jobs worker, building maintenance worker and who are working with floors related jobs.

Best knee pads for flooring feature:

•    Custom fit with designated left and right to match your knee caps.
•    Extra wide straps won’t bind behind your legs.
•    Your shin is supported with a lower wedge taking pressure off your knees and toes.
•    These Platinum Knee Pads allow extended working time with minimal discomfort.

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Knee Guard Technical Details:
Part Number: P1KP1,
Item Weight: 1.9 pounds,
Product Dimensions: 12.3 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches,
Item Package Quantity: 1


As for the knee pads themselves they’re nice and soft and give you a lot of protection. You can wear these pads most of the day without any pain or discomfort. It supports the knees by putting a lot of the weight on the shins. By far the best.


The concept is great for a knee pad, just need to upgrade the securing method and the padding that does not flatten out so soon in the knee pads life, another isn’t big problem that is the elastic looses some elasticity after years of use, otherwise it is a great knee pads.

Final verdict:

These pads have offer the best comfort and protection of any pad I have ever seen. The only drawback to this splendid set of pads is the fact that the thickness of the pad takes some getting used to. But you can’t denie the comfort. The pads support your knee and also your shin so there a lot less fatigue on your knees and ankles. Would recommend these to any flooring installer!

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