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McDavid 6446 Extended Compression Leg Sleeve is one of the best knee pads for basketball. Basketball team players are protecting their knees and like McDavid. Price is lower than most store offers. These sleeves really keep great circulation during and after basketball. The extended variety provides compression to the thigh and calf as well. Price is good, and it comes with one for each leg which is just fine too. Highly recommended for Basketball players.

Perfect for whom this best knee pads:

McDavid 6446 is made for specially basketball which is specialized extended Compression Leg Sleeve. This pad is also Hexpad protective Pad. Very popular among professionals and college athletes also. It may use both your high school and travel hoops seasons. Someone use it for hiking and running. You can use it for climbing and weightlifting to protect your knee though it was not the designed for that.

When you wearing this best knee pads you can take the game seriously. This features is to help prevent your muscle injuries, keep your leg muscle warmed. Most importantly you feel better playing with these as you have sprained MCL and this keeps your knee in place.


McDavid 6446 Best Knee Pads For Basketball Review Compression Leg Sleeve.

The leg sleeve protective knee pad is prepared with 80% nylon 20% spandex and polyethylene foam. It’s must protect your knees during play basketball. For this why it’s called the best knee pads for basketball player.

Its features 9 mm hex technology for technical skills for best expression. It has super extended length for better fittings. There available the additional protections against cuts and scratches.

It has HDC moisture management technology, which makes cool and dry feeling.This product is machine washable. That’s why you can easily wash it in your using washing machine. It’s included one pair in a package.


These work very well for basketball in both practices and games. These kept your knees from being beat to hell during the Spartan 5k obstacle course race. Fit great, stayed on through mud, water, etc. and washed easily enough. Should be able to get a lot of miles out of these.


The only bad thing is that the “McDavid” logo and letters will disappear with only 1 or 2 weeks of use.


At basketball court you will get much more confidence and is more aggressive on defense, it won’t hurt your knees. It really helps to play without pain and feels light but consistent at the same time. After order delivery was swift and all was very well done. Great product for basketball player! Definitely should get this to protect your knees.

Sizing of this knee guard:

Measure around largest part of knee. Five different sizes are small 10 to 12 inches, medium 12 to 14 inches, large 14 to 16 inches, X-large 16 to 19 inches, XXLarge 19 to 22 inches.


Where to buy knee pads: Amazon is the best place to buy most comfortable knee pads.

Best Knee Pads for Basketball

Product benefits

Every product has its some own quality and benefits those are written below:

Superior protection: The Mcdavid extended leg sleeves knee pads has an extra three inches fabric with hex technology. For this it makes superior protection on your knees. That’s why you can play bravely on ground.

Feeling Comfort: The hex padding on the top and bottom of the knee pads feels you comfort on your knee during play time.

Popular in athletes: This product is very popular among athletes because of it quality. It has 7 attractive color for choosing well.


Opinions about McDavid 6446 extended leg sleeve knee pads

Is it two pieces in one pair? Yes. It’s included two pieces in one pair. What is the measurement or size of the leg sleeve? It is 16 inches height for your extreme protection. Is this product can use a short person? Actually it all depends on the periphery of your knees. You can get helps from Mcdavids web page. You can see their size chart of the product. And from there you can select wright size for yourself. Is it the best knee pads for basketball player? Yes. It is the best knee pads for basketball player. Even it is specially design for their.

Best Knee Pads Important feature:
  • Among professional and college athletes, especially in basketball.
  • Five different sizes are there.
  • Hydrvent hDc material wicks moisture away from the skin.
  • Includes one pair pad.
  • 80% nylon/20% spandex material.

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