Best Knee Pads For Big Leg Review Knee Supports

This pad is best knee pads for big leg. TroxellUSA SuperSoft Leatherhead Kneepads pair embody everything that a knee pad should: thick durable support, soft, non-marking skin material. Stay-in-place neoprene single strap system; generous surface size; 100% washable. They have held up much longer than their predecessors, the excellent Troxell Blue pads, due to their synthetic leather skin and thicker foam.

These blow those all away. Nice long, heavy duty straps that fit low on the calf muscle not across the back of the knee tendons. Great design! This company also makes other styles that are faced with hard surface materials if you work outdoors.

Perfect for whom Best Knee Pads for Big Leg.

This is the LARGER/Leather Premium version of our most popular 209 Super Softs. We created this kneepad for the 200 lb. plus worker who just wants a larger/thicker pair of the 209 kneepads.

Review of  TroxellUSA Super Soft Leatherhead Knee pads Important feature :

  • Globally Patented Design is the ULTIMATE IN COMFORT!
  • Adjustable, Washable, Kneepads can be worn with long or short pants.
  • Durable pad, encased in comfortable neoprene, protects knees for extended kneeling.
  • Unique front strap design makes this the most versatile, easy to use kneepad on the market.
  • The quick-fastening front-strap design eliminates rash or pinching.

Knee Guard Technical Details:

  • Part Number 17209SoftXL
  • Item Weight 2.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 8.7 x 7.6 x 5.7 inches
  • Size X-Large


These are the softest kneepads. The strap doesn’t pinch or bind even while you are wearing. They fit well and the padding is thick and perfect when doing tile work or plumbing. It supports you when flooring with comfortable and great protection to your knee.


Probably never for the occasional light user, though. The leather ones to pick up staples and sharp things. The non-leather ones never did this.


Excellent knee pads, super soft, very light weight, don’t slip or slide around and end up where you don’t want or need them to be. Can comfortably wear them all day. These are the Best Knee pads you can buy!

Best knee pads for big leg

Best knee pads for big leg Product information

This knee pads shape is a very caring design with ultimate comfort, strength and adjust ability. Its features famous troxell super soft knee pad for most comfortable knee pad. Prepare with lather covering for the knee pads durability are made of. This best knee pads for big legs are made in USA.

knee pads for big leg is Comfort design

Its offers most luxury patented design for make different to other knee pads. It has single Velcro front fastening strap for easy fastening or use. For that front fastening strap your knee does not go away from the place.

It is also a premium graded neoprene strap and knee pad. Don’t need worry about its durability because covers with non-marring leather. It can any time easy washable for that’s why you keep it clean al time. For the attributes it is the best knee pad for big legs.

For the purchase opinion:

Are the strap formed with elastic? No its not. They are formed with neoprene. And it’s most comfortable as I used. How can anyone choose a size for himself? It’s actually based on your leg size. However its measurement is seven inches from up to bottom of the knee pad. You can get help from the about choosing your size. Is it a best knee pad for big legs? Yes, it is a best knee pads for big legs.

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