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The Launch Pro best knee pads for mountain biking is best. Their knee and elbow pads are no exception. What and excellent evolution with knee protection. This pad is comes with 3 sizes. Fit is superb. Very comfortable and does not fall or wiggle down your leg even on a long rides. The elastic retention system keeps the pads where they belong. Over your knees or elbows. I also own Fox’s body armor jacket. It fits great and can help to minimize injuries in a crash. What you need? Focus; The Launch Pro gives this with best comfortable.

Perfect for whom this pads :

Specially made for long ride and for mountain biking. Calf area is perfect, thigh a bit loose but there are straps on both sides so you can adjust it as you like. They don’t slip while pedaling and are absolutely fantastic in downhill. Great all mountain/free-ride balance of comfort and protection.

Best Knee Pads for Mountain Biking Review By FOX Launch Pro Knee Pad

Knee Pads Important feature:

  • There are silicone gripper of the knee keeps the pad in right place.
  • For breathability it has leaky neoprene.
  • Pre-curved design to good fit.
  • Top and bottom elastic straps keeps the pad in same place.
  • Better have skinny calves.
  • Excellent Protection – Affordable Price.


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Comfortable and fits under your jeans. It fits very comfortable and stays tight and does not move around. The padding is enough to take any kind of hit.  After all these rides it’s washable and normal dryer heat has no effect on them. They did not slip at all or chafe despite constant pedaling. These have a full neoprene sleeve that fits better especially around the calf region.


Make sure about size before ordering, because I have seen some negative review about sizing. If you are a vert rider, you might want something that would slide along the ramp/ground better, but these are great for riding dirt and street.


FOX Launch Pro Knee Pad works as expected. After researching quite a lot about knee pads the reality for this knee pads comfort and protection are outstanding. They stay up even after a whole day of riding, which is super nice. The bottom line is; awesome product, highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for great protection for mountain biking.

Facilities of Best Knee Pads For Mountain Biking

Launching the best knee pad for mountain biking the pro knee pads knee guards from the fox. This is the succeeding evolution in knee protection. It offers comfort to wear, make fully coverage in the entire of the range of pedaling movements. So you can focus on the job ahead.

It features silicon gripper behind the knee to keeping the pad in place. It’s nicely perforated for passing air from outside to inner side of the knee guard.

Its beautifully fits on your knees with its pre curved multiplication. It’s makes ergonomic fit.

It has qualified elastic strap on the top of the knee pad and bottom of the knee pad. Its ties well the knee guard with your knees for better protection.

Over all the facilities are this product justified that it can say this is the best knee pad for mountain biking.

Thing based opinion:

>>Is this knee package in one pair?

>> Yes! It’s includes one pair of knee pad in one pack.

>> Is it comfortable or fits anyone?

>> Yes it is very comfortable and fits anyone. It has the fallowing measurement are L / XL size knee pad. And it’s about twelve inches height from the bottom to top.

>> Is it the best knee pad for mountain biking?

>> Must of all it is the best knee pad for mountain biking because it makes entire coverage during pedaling movements.

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