Best Tactical Knee Pads Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Certain jobs will require a lot of kneeling. Jobs such as flooring, hunting, and general construction works are some of the best examples. So, if you take these jobs, you must be prepared for bruised and inflamed knee caps that result from excessive kneeling.

Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be this way. With the best tactical knee pads, you don’t have to worry about pain, knee swellings, or even bruises. Knee caps are designed to provide the perfect cushioning for hard surfaces.

Here are some of the top-rated knee pads that you can buy anytime. I have also included a smart buying guide to take you through.

Dig in.

01. ALTA 50413 AltaFLEX Black Cordura Knee Protector Pad

For guys who need the best tactical knee pads, your choice matters. From my experiments, the ALTA 50413 AltaFLEX Black Cordura Knee Protector Pad is super cool.

It has long and soft rubber caps. These caps guarantee strength, anti-impact, and will also resist any levels of marring and skidding.

They offer maximum surface cover and will prevent you from any knee-related injuries. More importantly, they are suitable for demanding outdoor work.

The knee pads use super-thick foam padding, which makes kneeling comfortable. For seasoned hunters, you can use them and knee for long periods without getting any strain.

Even so, these knee pads provide proper knee traction. They also feature durable lining for extensive use.

If you need a knee pad that has no play and contains the best AltaLok, this is your best bet. The pad also has a hook and loop fastening system for easy adjustments.

alta tactical knee pads

  • Guarantees super strength: Soft rubber caps
  • Maximum surface cover: Large Knee Cap Cover
  • Prevents you from any knee-related injuries: Hard Cover
  • Makes kneeling comfortable: Super-thick foam padding
  • Provide proper knee traction: Durable lining
  • Has no play: AltaLok Technology
  • Easy adjustments: Hook and loop fastening system


  • Non- ripstop material: Rubber Caps


02. Alta Industries 50413 Coyote AT50413-14 AltaFLEX Knee Pads

The Alta Industries 50413 Coyote AT50413-14 is one of my favorite tactical knee pads. I own a pair, and I love how they work.

While they are an improvement from the previous generation, these knee pads have proven their style and capacity.

They are made from DuPont Cordura nylon and have an additional touch of plastic to them. Even so, the plastics are made of high-end materials, which also make them highly durable.

Like the previous version, this one also uses Velcro straps. However, this strap is much more comfortable and comes with the Alta buckle fastening system.

The buckle system makes it easy to use and also to fasten. The knee pads are easy to use over sharp rocks. Thanks to the black rubber cap that the knee pads are designed with.

Their straps are comfortable and secure. They will easily stay behind your legs and won’t move an inch.

best military knee pads

  • High-end design: DuPont Cordura nylon
  • Secure with easy fastening: Velcro straps
  • Easy to Use: Alta buckle fastening system
  • Safe for heavy use: Black rubber cap
  • Non-Slip Technology: Rubberized Touch
  • Easy to carry around: Light and Compact


  • Limited Hues to Go with: Brown


03. BLACKHAWK! V.2 Advanced Tactical Knee Pads

Next, we have the BLACKHAWK! V.2 Advanced Tactical Knee Pads. In our assessment, these knee pads are also superior in design.

They have closed-cell foam padding technology. This technology is highly reliable and will provide you with excellent shock resistance.

In addition to that, the closed-cell technology also minimizes any form of moisture retention. Instead, it leaves you with better breathability and high-styled air wicking technology.

Made from the 600 denier nylon shell, this set of knee pads is very durable. They also have one of the best non-slip touches and flexibility.

The knee caps are molded from polyurethane, which means that you can easily use them for long on hard surfaces.

In the interior ledge is a contoured technology that prevents any form of pad slippage. The contouring works together with the hook and loop elastic straps to further secure the pads.

arcteryx knee pads

  • Excellent shock resistance: Closed-cell foam padding technology
  • Minimizes any form of moisture retention: High-styled air wicking technology
  • Very sturdy and durable: 600 denier nylon shell
  • Easy to use and flexible: Knee caps are molded from polyurethane
  • Prevents any form of pad slippage: Interior ledge is a contoured technology
  • Secure and easy to adjust: Hook and loop elastic straps


  • One time buying: No warranty


04. ALTA 52913.00 Alta CONTOUR Knee Protector Pad

AltaCONTOUR is also another set of top-rated tactical knee pads. These knee pads are ergonomically designed to offer the best knee motion.

They also offer a comfortable fit that allows you to maximize your knee’s range of motion fully. More importantly, the knee cap is padded and will give you a soft touch.

It is highly flexible and has the best traction and skid resistance touch. Under the knee caps is the compression recovery foam padding. The padding measures 1/2″ and provides firm and consistent support.

It makes it easy to kneel for long too. One thing you will notice about this knee pad is its brushed tricot liner wicks. These ones also wick moisture away and keep out any form of dirt and debris.

To prevent any slip, there is the non-slip rubber strip. This strip ensures that you hold comfortably in your place.

ALTA 52913.00 Knee Pad

  • Comfortable fit: Compression recovery foam padding
  • Maximizes knee’s full range of motion: Flexible Edge
  • Provides firm and consistent support: 1/2″ padding
  • Wick moisture and keeps dirt and debris away: Brushed tricot liner wicks
  • Prevent any slippage: Non-slip rubber strip


  • No hook and loop technology: Non-Slip rubber strip


05. Rothco Tactical Protective Knee Pads

For the best tactical knee pads, quality is paramount. The best quality guarantees longevity and best designs.

Rothco Tactical Protective Knee Pad is such a type of design. It has been tested for quality and will ensure maximum durability.

The model is designed for the toughest and roughest users and will withstand some of the most demanding jobs.

There is the non-slip rubberized cap surface that enables you to crawls around easily. The 1/2″ foam padding will also maximize your comfort while the 900 denier polyester will make it more durable.

It works together with the widely-set dual strapping technology, which enables it to avoid bunching and instead earn extra comfort.

Even so, the system has a dual hook and loop fastening technology that makes the strapping easy to use.

Rothco Knee Pads

  • Safe for use: Non-slip rubberized cap surface
  • You can crawl around easily: 1/2″ foam padding
  • High-end durability: 900 denier polyester
  • Easy to use and secure: Widely-set dual strapping technology
  • Prevents any bunching: Dual hook and loop fastening technology


  • Slightly wide: 13.5 x 8.2 x 3.5 inches


06. HWI Next Generation Tactical Quick Release Knee Pads

HWI Next Generation knee pads are one-size-fits-all knee pads. It has numerous features that you will find to be very helpful.

The knee pads use STPA cap technology. This is a good mechanism for anyone who needs sturdy protection.

Thankfully, they are also made from high-density foam, which maximizes comfort. In addition to that is the use of durable nylon material, which lasts longer and withstands heavy use.

More importantly, these pads enjoy easy adjustment. They come with quick release straps that make them easy to fit and to remove.

Nonetheless, the pads have a reliable buckling system that helps you to secure the straps. The caps are also designed for heavy use, and you can use them over hard rock surfaces.

These pads are best for both men and women, and you can use them when hunting ad if going camping too.

Tactical Quick Release Knee Pads

  • Sturdy protection: STPA cap technology
  • Maximizes comfort: High-density foam
  • Lasts longer and withstands heavy use: Nylon material
  • Pads enjoy easy adjustment: Quick release straps
  • Non-Slip fastening: Reliable buckling system


  • Single size: One-size-fits-all knee pads


07. Hatch XTAK Elbow Pads

XTAK Knee and Elbow Pads are very well designed. They are extremely light and also flexible in use.

Even so, they provide superior protection around hard surfaces that need you to knee on. Thanks to their high-end shock absorption ability and flexibility, that allows them to move with the same moves as your body.

Apart from giving you a full range of motion, XTAK is also the lightest model among these. They use the thermal plastic urethane (TPU) shell and combine it with Cordura nylon technology.

The two will leave you with the best construction and the best value for your money. Additionally, these knee pads also use the EVA high-density foam. Additionally, they have an internal surface that wicks away moisture.

The moisture-wicking technology is CoolMax technology. It works with the anti-skid neoprene patch that helps to secure the pad.

XTAK Elbow Pads

  • Extremely light and also flexible
  • Safe: High-end shock absorption
  • Full range of motion: Easy Hinges
  • Durable design: Thermal plastic urethane (TPU) shell
  • All surface use: Cordura nylon technology
  • Comfortable: EVA high-density foam
  • High moisture-wicking technology: CoolMax technology


  • Not ideal for small knees: 4.5 x 1.5 x 11 inches


Best Tactical Knee Pads Buying Guide

If you want to buy a top-rated tactical knee pad for your use, you will need the best. Here are some of the factors that you should consider.


The price will come first. If you cannot afford the knee pads, you cannot buy them. The best thing to do is to set a budget in line with what you are willing to spend. Once this is done, then you can shop within the same margin.

Material of Design

Tactical knee pads should withstand some of the most demanding outdoor uses. You should easily use them over sharp rocks, rough surfaces, and also slippery areas. This type of ability only boils down to the type of construction material.

Some of the best materials that tactical knee pads can be designed with include the following options:

  • Nylon
  • Rubber
  • Plastic

Knee Pad Weight

More importantly, you need a knee pad that’s light. An ultra-lightweight will mean that you can use the knee pads for long without fatigue. It is, therefore, important that you choose a pad that won’t drag you behind.

Adjustable Design

Next, you must make sure that the knee pads are easy to adjust. If the knee pads are easy to adjust, then you can secure them around your leg easily. Knee pads that use strap and buckle systems or Velcro strap technology are the best.

There is also the hook and loop elastic straps that you can go for. Make sure this strapping technology comes with a quick-release system.

Knee Pad Comfort

If you aren’t comfortable, you won’t enjoy your knee pads use. Comfortable knee pads like lightweight knee pads will allow you to work for long. A combination of the two is even better. You should focus on the following features to get a comfy knee pad:

  • Foam padding
  • Rubberized cap
  • Snug fit knee cap size

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Best Tactical Knee Pads: Additional Tips

Apart from the buying tips, here are some other things that you should understand about the best tactical knee pads.

What Materials are the Best for Tactical Knee Pads?

There are many materials that tactical knee pads can include in their design. However, the best ones are:


Cordura nylon or heavy-duty nylon materials are used to give the pads a touch of quality and longevity. They are highly resistant to many things, including sweat and wear and tear due to heavy use.


Some designs have also incorporated thermal plastic urethane (TPU) shell with nylon to get more strength. That’s a good remedy and will also determine a longer-lasting design technology with a light touch.


Most knee pad caps are made of rubber caps. The touch of rubber on the caps gives them a non-slip design. It also prevents your knee caps from feeling the pressure of kneeling for a long time.


Foam padding is used to maximize shock absorption and comfort. It is used underneath the caps to provide a soft landing space for your knees. The padding should be of heavy design so as to last longer.

Where Can I Buy the Best Tactical Knee Pads?

Buying online is the best option. It has numerous advantages to it. First, you can shop for a variety of products. Next, your purchase is delivered at your doorstep, and finally, you will enjoy the best prices.

Can My Knee Pads Double as Elbow Pads?

Not always. There are knee pads that have been designed to work as both knee pads and also elbow pads. However, most knee pads that we have here are tied to the knee except one. You should always read the user manual to understand how your knee pad works.


Buying the best tactical knee pads is no brainier. With the right tips, you should have your knee pads in no time. Even so, you must take your time as knee pad brands are many, and getting quality design can be hard.

Apart from quality knee pads, you should understand that knees pads can only last if you take proper care of them. You must, therefore, learn the right care and maintenance tips for your knee pads. Eventually, you’ll be able to get the value for your money.

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