Best Wrestling Knee Pads Reviews and Buying Tips [Updated 2020]

Wrestling has always been the sports of fun to people. About millions of people goes to the gallery just to watch the sport. Two wrestlers are the main focus point of the whole gallery. But the main point must be remembered- safety should always be the first priority. You may be a hero, but you are not immortal or untouchable. Accidents may occur even you are the most talent of all the wrestlers. So, the safety equipment are the top most priority of every wrestling. As of today, let’s see the best wrestling knee pads that are available in the market.

Why Should You Have The Best Wrestling Knee pads?

To Prevent Any Major Wound. When you play the most thrilling game in a fixed border, it is natural to get beat up. In the blood lusting sports, you cannot predict what will happen next. Any heavyweight attack can easily make you badly injured. The only way to get rid of it is to use a wrestling pad.

Gain More Focus in The Game

If you like wrestling with an opponent, the voice from the inside always tells to win no matter what. But with the pain in the different parts of the body, it is hard to concentrate on the game. But with the wrestling knee pads you can easily overcome those problems.

Increasing the Blood Flow in the Legs

A knee pad will control the circulation through the vein of your legs. Therefore, your legs will be more active during the total time of the match.

Prevents ‘Mat Burn’

Mat burn-also known as rash burn is mainly a medical term. When there is enough friction with your body, sometimes it may feel burning in that area. A knee pad won’t let this problem happen.

Considering before Buying

So, by now you have come to know the facts about why we need a knee pad. But how actually you do it? How would you choose the proper Knee Pad that suits you more than others?

Here are some tips you may follow to get the best out of wrestling knee pads:

  1. Choose the one that are Softer than other fibers.
  2. Choose the perfect size that fits for you.
  3. Should be keeping your knee warm.
  4. Knee pads should attach very tightly with the legs.
  5. Always try to choose the ones that are keeping your pain away.
  6. The sleeves should be thick to handle much pressure.

These are the ‘must have’ quality of wrestling knee pad. When you are buying one, keep these matters in mind.

1. Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves 5mm and 7mm Thickness and Multiple Colors

For the perfect protection in a match of wrestling, these knee pads for wrestling will work as a life savior. It will provide both comfort and the perfect protection for you. It will not only provide the ultimate protection but also will reduce the pain throughout the whole match. Let’s see what else comes with this amazing wrestling pads.

Product Specification, Features and Benefits

  • Size: Small to XXLarge
  • Weight: 0.2 ounces
  • Color: Black, Red, Purple, Yellow and various colors

Different Problems, One Solution

Either you run a lot, or play volleyball, cricket, football, soccer or any other game, your legs will always get hurt. But those days are gone. The Komplex Knee Sleeves will help you get rid of all the insecurity instantly.

Multiple Size

This knee pads come with a lot of sizes. From the small size to XXL, you can easily choice between these sizes. So, it will be suitable for any kind of size according to your need.

Fascinating Design

The design and the outlook of the Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves is a masterpiece. It adds an extra point on the outlook of every player.

Increases the Blood Flow

Whenever you are in a game like wrestling, the flow of blood must maintain regularity. Otherwise you will face problems and the pain will be enormous. Keeping this matter in mind this wrestling pad is designed for you.


  • Comes in various sizes.
  • Comes in a lot of colors.
  • Works for all type of sport.
  • Comes for both legs in a single price.


  • Sometimes internal tear may affect the wrestling pads

Truthfully speaking, this knee pad has the unique features that no other products would have given you at this price range. Several customers have found some problems about the internal tearing but most of the customers are mostly satisfies with its service.

2. Bear Komplex Knee Sleeves 5mm and 7mm Thickness and Multiple Colors

There are thousands of varieties of products in the current market. All of them are not same as each other. With the most attractive feature, the Bear Komplex will be the perfect knee pad for any aged people.

Product Specification, Features and BenefitsBear KompleX Knee Sleeves

  • Size: Small to XXL
  • Weight: 0.2 ounces
  • Color: Red, Purple, Black and Others

Suitable For Anyone

Either you are a man or a woman, it is not a fact. The Bear KommpleX Knee Rover comes for both genders.

Comes in Various Colors

As of the colors- the design and the combination of colors will definitely provide the best visual and a beautiful outlook to anyone. Though it is a matter of safety to wear a knee pad while wrestling, a change in the style can’t come to any harm right?

High Compression

The knee sleeves are made in such a way that when you wear it, the pads are attached tightly with the knee. Therefore, it increases the blood circulation and you won’t face any problem regarding pain.

Keeps the Legs Warm

In a cold day, it hurts a thousand times more than normal. I feel it all the time during cold days that my injury aches literally 100 times more than normal. The knee pads will help you to keep your leg warm in even the coldest weather.


  • Most comfortable in all condition
  • Stylish than regular knee sleeves
  • Not affected by sweat.


  • Sometimes knee sleeves may tear up

These are the true facts of these products. I believe you will enjoy it in your leg more than going with the naked leg without the proper protection. We should all remember that prevention is better than cure. So, it is very important to take the proper preparation at the right time.

3. Performance 7MM Knee Sleeves

With over 94% successful user rating, this one in my personal favorite. Stoic is always the brand of user’s choice. They make every product perfect and bold. When you are looking, definitely be your first and foremost choice.

 Product Specification, Features and Benefits7MM Knee Sleeves

  • Size: XX-small to XX-Large
  • Weight: 0.2 ounces
  • Color: Black

Ultimate Protection in a Match

Wrestling requires a lot of energy as well as tactics. Even the slightest mistake can coz you your trophy. More than that, it can badly injure you in different point of the body. To get the best protection on these situations, the performance 7mm knee is made perfectly.

Reduction of Pain

When you are hurt badly, you can’t focus on the game. But when you are wearing this knee sleeves, the pain will be reduced and you can gain control over opponent rapidly.

Comes with 100% Guarantee

The best feature about the Performance 7MM Knee Sleeves is that it uses an extra-ordinary science at the time of making this product. Patent-pending composition method will guarantee the leg support at the time of wrestling or doing any other workout.

Longest Durability of Fiber

Where all other products fail to last long, this knee sleeves comes to you with the best performance. It will last longer than most other expensive and heavy duty knee pads.


  • Every size comes with an extra length.
  • The fiber material is much stronger than other products.
  • Protection even at the most hostile situation.
  • Comes in the suitable form for both men and women


  • Choosing the perfect size is a little bit difficult.

So, that was the short review about the Performance 7MM Knee Sleeves by stoic. As always the company has kept its word by providing quality product. When you are looking for the best knee pads for wrestling, you can order this product without any doubt.


Here are the best in the current market at the best price range. Even with paying the highest price nobody usually gets the best product from the market. But when it comes to the matter of quality- these are some greatest products which will supply a lot more than its price. So, don’t wait anymore. Just order the one whichever you like!

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