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How to Make Crutches More Comfortable [Updated 2021]

People who need quick recovery can always use crutches to boost their recovery process. This is especially true in case you have a broken limb or after surgery. Crutches will help you to move around and prevent any form of strain on the injured area. The good thing here is you aren’t tied to just […]

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How to Use Ice Machine for Knee? [Updated 2021]

Knee problems can be very uncomfortable.  Whether you are suffering from simple knee pain, severe pain, inflammation, arthritis, or have undergone a complete knee surgery, no amount of knee problem can be said to be good enough. Luckily, all these knee problems often have solutions. From using the best knee support braces to embracing the […]

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How to Measure for a Wheelchair?

Lately we have been talking about wheelchairs. While we have discussed so many topics on our previous posts, I remembered that there is one vital topic that we haven’t touched at all. Thanks to one of the readers who wanted to know how to measure for a wheelchair. Well, because of this, we will look […]

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How to Build a Wheelchair Ramp?

When you have mobility challenges, one of the toughest things that you will find is the how to locate a mobility aid that suits you. After battling with this for over three years, I finally decided to go with a wheelchair. Why did I choose a wheelchair? It is easy to use It is comfortable […]

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How to Unlock a Locked Knee | Genuine Formula for 2020

This Compression best knee pads on the market are allows flexible mobility with reduced chafing or skin irritation. Made with 4-Way Stretch Technology. Excellent retains shape even after multiple washes. Different sizes are available for your comfort ability and for Universal Basketball Brace Support.

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How to Crack Your Knee without Injuring Yourself

Best gel knee pads for work CLC Custom Leathercraft Gel-Tek Stabili-Cap Articulated Kneepads are comfortable, protective flexible plastic kneepads designed to prevent injury on the job. Injection-molded polyurethane and gel technology give our contour-fit knee cups unsurpassed all-day comfort and support. Enables easy

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