Drive Medical Wheelchairs | Get Expert Reviews for 2021

One of the best ways to move around is by using a wheelchair. This is specifically for the guys who have had an accident or who are recovering from an ailment.

Unfortunately, there are many wheelchair brands today that you might easily get the wrong model. But with the right information, getting the right model is quite easy.

I have decided to make your work easier by giving you the top-rated reviews for the best drive medical wheelchairs.

My reviews are comprehensive, well researched, and easy to follow. They also come with a user guide. Take a look.

01. Drive Medical Wheelchair with Flip Back Desk Arms – Blue Streak

Let’s start with the Drive Medical Wheelchair with Flip Back Desk Arms – Blue Streak. It is classy and above all that has the following features.

It has detachable desk arms, which maximize flexibility and the freedom of movement. The wheelchair also has premium swing-away leg rests that gives customize-able support.

Its ergonomic seat is set at 18″ and comes with comfortable padding.  Thankfully, it also comes with a calf strap that helps you to have a stable seating.

More importantly, the wheelchair has durable tires. The tires have the push-to-lock functionality to guarantee safety.

However, for the people who own it, it is the cross brace and the nylon seat upholstery that’s the bomb. They are easy to clean and will leave your wheelchair looking new every day.

Finally, the frame is finished with a durable steel touch to resist any crack and chipping.

drive medical blue streak wheelchair

  • Safe and easy to move with: Push-to-lock wheel locks
  • Comfort seating height: Seat-To-floor Height- 19.5 inches
  • The maximum range of motion: Swing Away Footrests
  • Bumpy-less rides: 20 Inch Padded Seat
  • Easy to clean touch: Cross brace and nylon upholstery
  • Long-lasting design: Metallic alloy frame


  • Need a lot of care: Cross base technology


02. Drive Medical 19″ Seat Lightweight Steel Silver Wheelchair

Another model is the Drive Medical 19″ Seat Lightweight Steel Silver Wheelchair. Among the best drive medical wheelchairs, it has the best silvery touch. Apart from that, it has the following features too.

It has a durable steel frame design. This frame is good at providing the most reliable stability. The wheelchair can, therefore, be used independently.

In addition to that, this wheelchair model also provides superior maneuverability. It will easily fit in and out of the narrow indoor designs.

Like the others before it, it comes with cushioned armrests. This means that your comfort is always guaranteed during use.

There is also the swing away footrest for maximum range of motion, flexibility, and comfort. The wheelchair is also supported by a backrest that folds flat to leave you with easy transportation.

It is made out of nylon upholstery and enjoys simple cleaning needs. The wheels are composite 8-inch wheels with a lightweight design and easy maintenance touch.

drive wheelchair manual

  • Heavyweight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Easy control: Fixed Full Arms
  • Maximum Comfort on Arms: Padded armrests
  • Durable design: Steel frame
  • Light technology: Nylon Upholstery


  • Super light: 26 pounds


03. Drive Medical Light Weight Cruiser III Wheelchair

The Cruiser III Drive Medical Wheelchair is also a reliable design. It comes with a variety of technologies that will make your work easy. After trying it out for a while, these are the features that knock me off my feet.

First, the wheelchair has rigging’s. It has the carbon steel frame, which eliminates the seat guides and easily allows you to customize the back inserts.

The steel frame also guarantees durability and longevity in design. More importantly, the silvery finish is extremely attractive. It makes the wheelchair easy to clean and maintain.

In its design is the use of the sealed wheel bearing for precision. The technology works for both the front and rear wheels.

While this ensures long-lasting performance and maximum reliability, the 8-inch front wheels also offer smooth rides.

The wheelchair performs well over different surfaces. Even so, the dual axle design and the removable flip back arms technology makes transportation easy.

Drive Medical Light Weight Cruiser III

  • Easy Storage: Detachable flip back arms
  • Maximum foot comfort: Swing away/elevating footrests
  • Easy rest with fast maintenance: Nylon upholstery
  • Maximum maneuverability: Mag-style wheels
  • Safety: Push to lock wheel locks


  • May cost more: No additional Accessories


04. Drive Medical Lightweight Expedition Wheelchair with Hand Brakes, Blue

Like the drive medical blue streak wheelchair, this one also has many cool features for first-time users.

First, it has a reliable braking system. The system is designed around the armrest and is easy to reach. It is also easy to operate and will bring the wheelchair to a reasonable stop.

The wheelchair also weighs 19 lbs. This makes it one of the lightest drive medical wheelchairs that you will find out there.

It folds flat to provide you with easy transportation and offers a handy lever for a convenient fold.

Like many other models before it, this model has nylon upholstery. It is easy to clean and maintain.

It features a seat belt that secures you on the seat. The 12″ wheels have locks and offer the flat free technology. You can, therefore, use them without any worry of getting stuck due to punctures.

Lightweight Expedition Wheelchair

  • Easy transportation and storage: Folds flat
  • Actual Product Weight: 29 lbs
  • Easy folding: Handy lever on the back
  • Higher Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Maximum maneuverability: 12″ rear tires
  • Versatile and reliable: Wheel locks and seatbelt


  • May feel tight: Seat belt technology


05. Drive Medical Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair with Full Arms

According to the drive wheelchair manual, this one has the powder-coated silver finish. The finish makes the vein steel frame last longer.

It gives it the best anti-scratch and anti-corrosive touch. Even better, the wheelchair also uses nylon upholstery, which is very durable.

The fabric plus the frame combine to give the wheelchair a durable and lightweight touch. They are also easy to clean and will leave you with an affordable maintenance design.

Its tires are urethane tires. These tires are mounted the composite wheels so as to provide high-end durability.

The wheels come with the push to lock wheel technology and like the other models before it, are easy to control.

Around the armrests is a soft padding that maximizes comfort. To add to it is a storage space, there is the carry pocket around the backrest that is convenient to use.

For quick storage, the folding back canes will come into use. They will fold fast and leave you with easy transportation too.

Drive Medical Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair

    • Flexible: Swing Away Removable Footrest
    • Comfort: Padded armrests
  • Safe: Locking wheel technology
  • Durable: Steel frame with composite wheels
  • Lightweight: Nylon fabric


  • Needs so much care: Plastic footplates


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Drive Medical Wheelchairs Buying Guide

When buying a drive medical wheelchair, you should focus on getting the best. Here are some of the best buying tips that you can use to find the ideal option for your use.


A long-lasting wheelchair will guarantee value for your money. So why go for a wheelchair that’s not sturdy and durable? To get a strong, sturdy, and durable wheelchair, make sure you look for the following:

  • Strong metallic alloy frames: Aluminum or Steel alloy
  • Durable fabric: Nylon fabric
  • Puncture-proof wheels

Smooth Wheel Technology

Another key element is the wheel technology. Bumpy wheels can be very uncomfortable. However, if you want a smooth ride, it is important to look for wheels that are smooth.

Larger wheels tend to work better on any type of terrain. The same applies to puncture-proof tires.

The wheels should also have a safety lock. Safety locks help you to stop the wheelchair, park it, or control the speeds.


Make sure that your wheelchair is comfortable. With proper accessories, a comfortable wheelchair will allow you to have a smooth ride every time you choose to use it. Some of the best things that you can always look out for in a comfy wheelchair include the following.

  • Push-away footrests
  • Padded backrests
  • Adjustable handles
  • Flexible footrests
  • Padded armrests

Lightweight Technology

Nothing sucks like a wheelchair that’s very heavy. It is hard to push and will leave your caregiver feeling quite exhausted.

However, with a lightweight wheelchair, the experience is often off the chain. It is important to look for lightweight aluminum frames. Nylon fabric is also light in weight.

Easy Storage and Transportation

This is also a very vital factor for most guys. You always want a wheelchair that serves you well when moving around and one that stores easily. You can read our another review wheelchair carrier for car it maybe help you.

Hassle-free storage ability guarantees a simple and easy to work with the design. The best technology for such storage is folding technology.

Once folded, most wheelchairs will assume a compact design that’s easy to work with anytime.

Weight Capacity

Again you want a wheelchair that can easily accommodate your weight. If it can, then the whole experience becomes easy and enjoyable.

You cannot damage your wheelchair. If your weight capacity falls within the bracket, the height should also follow suit. Use the user manual to track the weight limits of your wheelchair.

Drive Wheelchairs: Additional Tips

Apart from the buying guide, there are several additional tips that you should get for your wheelchairs. These tips can help you with care and maintenance or simply the smooth operation of your wheelchair. Take a look.

Where Can I Buy the Best Drive Medical Wheelchair?

Buying online is the most advisable option for me. From my personal experience, when you buy online, you get so many advantages. Some of the best benefits that buying online guarantees include the following:

  • Discounted prices
  • Warranties
  • Variety of products
  • Comfortable shopping and buying
  • Doorstep delivery

How Can I Care of Drive Medical Wheelchairs?

Caring for your wheelchair is no brainer. There are many ways that you can do that easily. They include the following:

  • Always follow your drive wheelchair manual
  • Use your drive wheelchair for the intended purpose
  • Oil your drive wheelchair whenever necessary
  • Make sure that you clean your drive wheelchair often
  • Don’t exceed the wheelchair’s intended weight capacity

How Does the Wheelchair Folding Mechanism Work?

Most wheelchair folding technologies are easy to use. With the assist of a push button, the wheelchair will collapse into a compact shape. However, some of the wheelchairs will require you to remove the wheels.

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What is the Best Wheelchair Safety Measure?

To guarantee safety with your wheelchair, it is important that you understand the best safety measures that your wheelchair should have. Here are some of the most vital ones that you should keep in mind.

Padding Technology

Padding technology is considered by many as a comfort technology. However, it can also double up as a safety technology. With the right padding, you will have a smooth ride, which means that no pain around your joints.

Seatbelt Technology

Some wheelchairs also support seat-belt technologies. With a seat-belt, you should be secured will in your seat. Seat belts prevent you from sliding out of position or from falling off the wheelchair upon impact.

Braking Technology

Braking technology is basically to help you control/regulate the wheelchair’s speed. It is also ideal when you want to park your wheelchair or bring it to a stop. With the right amount of control, the brakes will be a safe mode to use.

NOTE: When riding your wheelchair, you should also wear some reflective clothing. The same should apply to your caregiver. These types of clothes will help you to remain visible and easy to spot.


It took me time to settle for my drive medical blue streak wheelchairs. However, since I took it, I have never regretted it. The wheelchair has served me well, and I would easily grab it again. Thanks to the experience that I have had.

So what about you who are just starting out? Well, I have been there, and you could borrow a leaf from my experience. Follow my simple guide and tips, and I guarantee that you will get the best wheelchair.

Make sure that the wheelchair that you choose matches your budget. This is also a very important factor.

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