How Much is a Wheelchair? The Best Tips for Starters

There are many reasons why you may need a wheelchair. Some of the reasons can be an accidents, sporting injuries, surgery, major surgical operations, and terminal illnesses. Whichever the reason you must find for your needs.

So, how do you do this? Well, there are several considerations you will have to make. I still remember that after I broke my leg playing soccer, I had to look through a number of factors before buying my wheelchair.

However, every consideration that I made was influenced by a basic question. To get the best one, I had to ask these questions:

  • How much is a wheelchair?
  • What is my height, weight, and size?
  • How frequent will I use the wheelchair?
  • How does the wheelchair work?
  • how wide is a wheelchair ?
  • Do I need an electric or a manual wheelchair?
  • Which type of wheels do I need on my wheelchair?

My questions were not limited to these. However, these were some of the most vital ones. It was important that I understood each one of them so I could make the right decision.

In This Post

You will also be faced with the same challenge when you decide to a buy. That’s why in this post, I will highlight more on the cost of a wheelchair so you can get a model that fits in your budget. The price is a fundamental consideration when buying and one that you must be familiar with.

How Much Is a Wheelchair?

When talking about the cost, I’d like to look at it from different perspectives too. Take a look.

Price Influencers

First I always look at the factors that influence the pricing. There are many factors here. They include the following.

  • Features: What design techniques the wheelchair uses
  • Material: Type of construction material for the frame, seat, fabric etc
  • Add-ons: The accessories that the wheelchair integrates with
  • Purpose: The use of the wheelchair

The truth is that a wheelchair makes for invaluable equipment in your life. It eases your movement and enables your loved ones to spend more time with you easily.

With modern wheelchairs you can now access different establishments and public amenities easily.

Again, while the price might suggest a great design, if you want to get a top rated wheelchair, try focusing more on ratings and good reviews.

Wheelchair Price by Type

To easily find out how much a wheelchair is, I will look at it by following the types of bellow.

Manual Wheelchairs

A manual chair requires you to have a caregiver that pushes you around. Depending on the design, you can get a model that you can also roll by yourself. Such a design will have arms that you can use to spin the wheels and propel the wheelchair forward.

Standard : This type of chair goes for about $250. They have the standard weight and are designed to last longer and work more.

Folding Lightweight : This type of chair costs about $500; however it has additional models that range between $200-3000. It has a higher portability and makes frequent movement a breeze.

Heavy Duty : These are designed for heavier guys. They provide better support and more comfort. A heavy-duty wheelchair costs about $400 but might go past the $3000 mark.

Transport Wheelchair

This is also called a transfer chair. It comes with smaller wheels than the manual. It is also fold-able. Notable they are also ultra-light. However, they are designed to be pushed around.

Price: A good transport chair goes between $80 and $2,000 with the lower-end models going for about $89. However, this lower version only has the basics including armrests, footrests, and handles for pushing.

Power Wheelchairs

The power wheel chair is also called the electric wheelchair. Some also refer to them as power scooters, power chairs, or electric scooters.

They are battery-powered. The inbuilt battery technique works with a power up button, which once pushed the wheelchair power up and moves. A joystick is then used to control the wheelchair.

Power wheelchairs are best for people without the full mobility. You should take time to learn how to navigate a power wheelchair.

Price: A quality electric wheel chair goes anywhere between $1500 and $9000. The cost depends more on the features.

Some of the things that greatly affect the cost of an electric wheelchair include the drive controls and power option. Luckily most power wheelchairs will run on battery systems that are rechargeable or replaceable.

Sporting Wheelchair

I bet you have seen guys on wheelchairs playing basketball, throwing discus, or competing on a track? These wheelchairs are called sports wheelchairs. They take mobility to the next level and allow the user to participate in athletics and sports.

Sports wheelchairs are not for everyday use. No. They are often customized to meet the demands of the game and will, therefore, be restricted to the game.

Price: The special components of a good sporting wheelchair will help you to enjoy better agility, speed, flexibility, stops, turns, and many active maneuvers. That’s why their cost ranges from $1500-$4000.

Kids Wheelchairs

Also known as pediatric, kids’ wheelchairs don’t have much difference to the adult manual or power wheelchairs. The only thing that they boast of is more color, smaller sizes, and additional aesthetics.

Price: These are simpler models so you will get them for almost the same price. They cost anywhere between $300 and $3000 since they are constructed to grow you’re your child. Thanks to their adjustable features.


So, how much is a wheelchair? Now you know. Simple as it may seem, knowing the price of a wheelchair before you make a purchase is important. It will help you to get one that suits your budget and one that meets your needs.

With the right tips, such as looking for discounts, offers, and going with warranties, you can always get the value for your money too. This is irrespective of what type of wheelchair you go for or what is affordable to you.

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