How to Fold a Wheelchair | Get expert reviews [Updated 2022]

Today we are going to learn how to fold a wheelchair. However, before we get down to that, let me say this. I have no doubt that a wheelchair has so many benefits.

More importantly, it has several advantages over the other movement aids. From a personal point of view, having used a wheelchair for over a year after an accident, I can’t wish for anything more.

First using a wheelchair is very easy. It is quick to learn and you will be ready to go in no time. Secondly, a wheelchair is very comfortable. You have enough seating space and better armrests on the chair.

In addition to that, the control and movement are also very easy. As if that’s not enough, a wheelchair has numerous features.

Compared to a cane or a walker, they can be electronically designed, which makes them more efficient. But how do you fold a wheelchair?

In this post today, I intend to show you how to fold a wheelchair. Nonetheless, I also want to show you how to unfold it. I will also highlight what a foldable wheelchair is so that you can get the right picture.

Let’s hit the road.

What is a Foldable Wheelchair?

The best wheelchair for your use should be able to fit your needs. It should be designed in a way that it is easy to use. You should feel more comfortable every time you use and possibly when you move around.

One of such wheelchairs is the foldable wheelchair. A foldable wheelchair comprises a seat frame. The frame comes with four wheels. Foldable wheelchairs unlike their rigid counterparts allow the user to fold them up in a compact design when not in use.

This technology makes these types of wheelchairs easy to store. Foldable wheelchairs might come with bigger rear wheels and smaller front wheels. This is common to the manual wheelchair designs.

How to Fold a Wheelchair

Folding a wheelchair is no brainer. Once you get it right, it will be one of the most enjoyable things that you will ever do. To fold your wheelchair, follow this simple guideline to the very end.

  • First ensure that the wheelchair brakes are already applied
  • To apply the wheelchair brakes, push down the levers set above the wheels on either side.
  • Now stand in front of your wheelchair and then grab the wheelchair seat.
  • Do this with one hand placed in the front and the other hand in the back
  • Slowly lift the wheelchair seat up
  • While doing this, the wheelchair’s seat should be able to fold into half
  • The wheels should also move closer to each other
  • Now raise the wheelchair seat in the middle
  • The seat will collapse inside and the wheelchair should fold up
  • You can now transport or store your wheelchair.

TIP: You can try pushing the wheelchair once you apply the brakes. If the wheelchair doesn’t move it means the brakes are properly applied.

How to Unfold a Wheelchair

Since we have learnt how to fold a wheelchair, I feel it is in order to also learn how to unfold it. To me, this is arguably the easier of the two. You don’t have to use a manual and anyone can learn it in a matter of seconds.

To open or unfold your new wheelchair, it is important that you first get enough room or space. The space should be free from any clutter and wide enough to fit a wheelchair when in open position.

Once you have the space, follow this simple step by step guideline to unfold your wheelchair quickly.

  • First place the wheelchair on the even solid surface.
  • Again ensure that the wheelchair brakes are locked.
  • Check the small levers in front of the rear wheels to confirm that the wheels are locked
  • Grab the wheelchair’s seat
  • Do this with one hand placed in the front of the seat and the other at the back.
  • Slowly push the wheelchair’s seat down towards the middle.
  • The wheels and the sides of your wheelchair should slowly slide away from each another.
  • Give it a maximum push until the wheelchair’s seat is now fully opened.
  • The wheelchair should now be ready for use and stationery
  • Confirm once again that the brakes are locked then sit on the chair.

TIP: Ensuring that the wheelchair brakes are locked before you unfold it will prevent the wheelchair from rolling away as you try opening it up.


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