Knee Pad Wash and Cleaning Tips |

Unlike any other wear able, knee pads are quite complicated in design and structure. So, users find it quite difficult to wash, unlike other wearing s and clothes. Sometimes, people try to clean the knee pads with detergents and rough cleaner materials. This causes several harms to the knee pads, and the material and strength of the knee pad gets affected.

Considering all the aspects, there is a special guideline for you to wash and clean your knee pad with intensive care.

Knee Pad Wash and Cleaning Tips 1: Ziplock Baggy

You can try putting them in a ziplock baggy with a charcoal pouch like you get for cleaning fish tanks. Charcoal will absorb the order. Also, helps with shoes, but you never got my kid to do it for more than a day.

Knee Pad Wash and Cleaning Tips 2

Wash your knee pads with some oxygenating type detergent. I prefer to use oxy clean, but Tide and some others make a similar detergent materials. Anyways, you should wash alone with that type of detergent or cleaner to remove the dirt, bacteria, etc. After you are done, don’t worry about drying. Let the kneepads sit in a water/lemon juice solution of a couple of hours. Wash the kneepads of yours alone with the same detergent. Air dry them until dry, and there you go. Hope that it helps, it has also worked for other users.

Knee Pad Wash and Cleaning  Conclusion

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