Enhance Mobility Mobie Plus Manual Folding Scooter

Enhance Mobility Mobie Plus Manual Folding Scooter Full Specifications

Mobie Plus is an innovative and compact mobility scooter that can be easily folded or unfolded in less than a minute. It is perfect for transportation by car, plane, train or boat. It includes a cell phone holder, folding basket, docking cradle, spare XLR charger and spare transformer lithium battery.


Overall Length980mm
Overall Width440mm
Tires (Solid wheels)6" of Front Wheels
7" of Rear Wheels
Maximum Speed6 km (3.75 mph)
Safe Gradient/Maximum GradientUp to 8 degrees
Range Up ToUpto 15 km/9.32 miles
Turning Circle1200mm
Weight (without battery pack)54 lbs (24 kg)
BrakeIntelligent, regenerative and electromagnetic
Drive system24 volt DC motor (rear wheel drive)
Handlebar2 adjustable parts
Maximum weight capacity300 lbs (115 kg)
Seat Width430mm
Seat Height (from the ground)570mm
Battery25.9V/10Ah (Lithium Battery)
Battery ChargerDC 24V/2A off-board (Automatic Protection Charger)
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