OA Unloader Knee Brace

OA Unloader Knee Brace Full Specifications

The unloader brace is a lightweight, low-profile brace that helps reduce pressure inside the knee joint. It is designed for people with unicompartmental osteoarthritis, and the strapping system allows for full adjustment. The brace also has quick snaps for easy application.


  • Exceptionally light weight, low profile, and easy to use design.
  • Unique varus / valgus angle adjustment to provide compartmental off-loading and optimize pain relief.
  • 3 points of leverage for reducing pressure Inside/Medial ( or Outside/Lateral )  the knee joint.
  • Condyle pads for increased comfort, stability and pain control.
  • Quick release buckles for easy donning and doffing.
  • Silicone gripped liners and strap pads to help prevent migration.
  • Optional flexion/extension stops for range of motion control
OA Unloader Knee Brace
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