Leather Knee Pads for Work: A Smart Guide to the Perfect Fit

Leather knee pads are very popular for construction worker. They protect you from bruises, cuts, and more importantly pebble pricks. And no one knew this better than my uncle.

If you are a construction worker or involve in outdoor activities then you must know the job isn’t a walk in the park. And to hit a few decades along the mainstream requires a few tricks up your sleeve.

My uncle is a construction worker. He goes out every day morning wearing a pair of kneepads. My unsolicited job was to help him buy the best pair of kneepads – and that’s how I developed my knowledge over them.

It will save you from aching joints and leave you with a smooth touch. And if I remember well, my uncle always insisted on leather knee pads. But knee pads differ in price, level of protection, and design.

And to help anyone out there who is looking for the best leatherhead knee pads, I have created this post. The post comes with a review of top rated leather knee pads for work and a simple buying guide.

Let’s dig in to see what I have for you.


01. Best Occidental 5022 Leather Knee Pads

The very first knee pads that I want us to look at is the Occidental Leather 5022 Leather Knee Pads. And before we get down to the major details, I would love to highly recommend these pads.


For starters, I have tried them and they are very sleek – I own a pair right now. And the people who want a knee pad that’s stylish and really out of this world will love them.


More importantly I also found out that Occidental Leather 5022 leatherhead knee pads are super comfortable. You could use them for many hours while plastering or tiling the floor and will never feel a pinch. No sign of discomfort either.leather knee pads for work

Heavy Leather

They feature a set of flexible heavy leather exterior. The leather exterior gives them an edge if you are looking for a long lasting knee pad experience.


In addition to that the leather also comes with a high-density padding around the knees. And thankfully, it also offers a first grade anti-scratch touch.

Quick Release

Yet my love for these knee pads came from the fact that they had a quick release fastening mechanism.  Why was this important? I didn’t have to take hours fitting them on or releasing them.

Plastic Shield

And to the most important fact, inside the pads is an inner plastic shield. The shield eliminates spot pressure on the joints. So just in case the gravel is hard enough your safety is still guaranteed.

You can also use the lower straps made of nylon and upper straps to adjust the pads. The straps are made of resilient elastic for an extra comfort and a one-size-fits-all design.


  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Heavy Leather
  • Padding
  • Quick Release
  • Plastic Shield


  • Plastic shield breaks with time
  • Leather need care to last


2. Style n Craft Heavy Duty 74-013 Oiled Top Grain Leather Knee Pads

Style n Craft Heavy Duty 74-013 Oiled Leather Knee Pads were the very first gift I was given for my home workshop. In short they were the first set of knee pads I ever used and I loved them.

They are a set of professional knee pads with an extra heavy duty touch. They are best suited for heavy construction workers and newbies who are regularly on the field.leatherhead knee pads

Heavy Leather

Designed from heavy top grain leather with an oiled touch, Style n Craft 74-013 is long lasting. I used mine for over a year and when I finally left them, they still looked brand new.


Thankfully, the knee pads also have a 1 – inch thick lining for all day comfort. Meaning I could comfortably wear them all day long without signs of any discomfort.

Leather Straps

And anyone can fit them on. Thanks to the adjustable leather straps with steel buckles that they come with. The steel buckles have an antique finish that will also give them a cool touch any day.

Riveted Buckles

Yet just to be sure that what you buying is awesome, you will find the buckles riveted for extra strength. The rivets come with caps for an extra safety.

Universal Size

And like the Occidental Leather knee pads for work that we saw, these ones also come with a one-size-fits-all design. So don’t beat yourself trying to find your size.


  • Heavy Leather
  • Lining
  • Leather Straps
  • Riveted Buckles
  • Universal Size


  • Straps has no holes
  • The strap is thin


03. ALTA 30914 Leather Deluxe Knee Pad with Neoprene Strap and Buckle

Another top rated leather knee pad for work that I would love to recommend is this. The ALTA 30914 Leather Deluxe Knee Pad with Neoprene Strap and Buckle is simply cool.Leather Deluxe Knee Pad

And the reason I am recommending them is because I have used them before and they were really good too. In fact they were the main pads I transitioned to after Style n Craft Heavy 74-013’s.

Thick Padding

Like the other top rated knee pads made of leather, they also come with a 1″ thick padding. The padding is extra comfortable and feels really good on the knee caps.

Neoprene Strap

More importantly the comfort is reinforced with a neoprene strap. The strap is equally long lasting and I don’t remember any day that it latched out.

Swiveling Buckle

And when I used the strap with the swiveling buckle it felt extremely easy to wear. Thanks to the one button-push technology that makes it fast and reliable.

Water Resistant

So can I buy it again? Of course yes. I loved the thick water-resistant saddle leather that this knee pad is made out of. The contoured-cut-out top also looks stylish and the overall design leaves it with a better fit.

Usually the color isn’t a big deal for me, personally a reliable and long lasting design is. But if you need something super cool this beige color might not be what you go for.


  • Thick Padding
  • Neoprene Strap
  • Swiveling Buckle
  • Water Resistant


  • No color
  • Slightly hard to clean


04. Troxell USA – Supersoft XL Leatherhead Kneepads

Troxell USA – Supersoft XL Leatherhead Kneepads is what my brother uses at work. Well, he has a few more brands but I have lost count of how many times he has used the Troxell USA – Supersoft pads. I am guessing he loves them too much.

When I was doing these reviews, I asked to try out his pair and my, I can’t blame him. These pads are awesome. I am thinking of getting a pair myself.


They are stylish – that’s something I had noticed before. They come with a round knee-cap like shape that makes them to stand out.


The one of a kind shape also provides them with the ultimate strength and comfort. More specifically it leaves the pads with a perfect fit and a super quick adjust-ability.

Wide Strap

And to make sure that the experience is one to savor, the pad has a wideband single strap. The strap is made out of premium grade neoprene.

Clear Zone

Due to this, it will sit pretty below the knees and leave you with a clear zone. This prevents any form of bunching or pinching around the knees.

Hook and Loop Closure

As if that’s not enough, I also realized that these pads come with a hook and loop closure. The closure system is set at the front which means you don’t have buckles or clasps to always fumble with.

Well, the absence of buckles left me with some doubt. But I must admit that the adjustment was fast and easy. And you will be able to enjoy a heavy duty foam cushioning that won’t puncture like gel pads do.


  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Wide Strap
  • Clear Zone
  • Hook and Loop Closure


  • No buckles
  • Slightly thick foam cushioning


05. Heritage 321 Easy Walk Double Leather Knee Pads

Apart from the leatherhead knee pads that I have a personal experience with, I also took my time to find others. And after a long research, I settled down on a few more brands.Easy Walk Double Leather Knee Pads

The first one was the Heritage 321 Easy Walk Double Leather Knee Pads. These knee pads like any other top rated ones that I highlighted before are made of heavy leather.

Heavy Leather

The leather is of heavy duty and highly resistant to wear and tear. According to the user reviews that I looked through, these pads are best for heavy use any day.

Thick Liner

Inside these leather knee pads for work is a one inch thick liner. The liner is designed to keep the pads in place and also to keep your knees comfortable.

Easy Fit

One thing that caught my eyes though was how simple its leather straps were. Most users agreed they are easy to fit and work pretty well with buckles.

Higher Protection

And while some raised issues with the thin size of the strap, they agreed that the pads had an easy to walk design. And that they were ideal for work on concrete, masonry, and asphalt too.

Shaped as Knee Caps

Nonetheless, on further research I learnt that most people felt really comfortable. They related this to the fact that the knee pads assumed the shape of knee caps.

Indeed they are simple, easy to wear, and more importantly the perfect fit. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants the best leather knee pads for work.


  • Heavy Leather
  • Thick Liner
  • Easy Fit
  • Higher Protection
  • Shaped as Knee Caps


  • Smaller size of strap
  • Catches dirt easily


06. CLC Custom 313Leathercraft Thick Lining Heavy Duty Leather Knee pads

Apart from the Heritage 321 another cool leather knee pads for work that I found was from CLC Custom.  They are the CLC Custom 313Leathercraft Thick Lining Heavy Duty Leather Kneepads.Heavy Duty Leather Knee pads

Like the name suggests, these knee pads are made of thick leather. The leather is long lasting and pretty much ideal for heavy use.

Leather Strap

Even better the pads also come with a leather strap. The leather straps have a heavy duty stitching around them too to suit the demanding use.


They have an adjustable feature that is characterized with a buckle and the strap. Meaning you can easily fasten or loosen them whenever you want.

Thick Lining

But what really makes these knee pads to stand out. I looked closely and here is what I found. The pads are super comfortable. They feature double 1/2 inch thick lining. The lining has a high water repellent touch and is ideal for all-day comfort.


In addition to that, the kneepads are also riveted for an extra strength and say added durability. You can therefore stay calm whenever you wear them knowing that you’ve got a reliable set of pads for your knees.

Super Light

They are also light in weight; which means that you can wear them for long. More importantly they also come in a universal design. This means anyone can fit them on anytime they choose to do so.

CLC Custom 313 Leathercraft are also affordable and basically one of the best sellers. They are easy to find too.


  • Leather Strap
  • Adjustable
  • Thick Lining
  • Durable
  • Super Light


  • Smaller lining
  • Wider on the sides


07. Kraft Tool Flat WL071 Leather Knee Pads

Kraft Tool Flat WL071 Leather Knee Pads takes the shape of the Troxell USA – Supersoft XL. However they are flat unlike Troxell that are round.Flat WL071 Leather Knee Pads

Nonetheless, gauging from the many cool reviews and user feed backs that this pad has, it is a great buy. Kraft Tool Flat WL071 leatherhead knee pads are not only affordable, but have some of the best features too.

Leather Caps

They are made out of hard but quite pliable leather that makes them comfy to wear. I remember looking at them and I couldn’t immediately realize that they were flat.

Soft Liner

Indeed they are also lined with soft felt which will bend along as your knees bend for extra comfort.

Adjustable Strap

One adjustable strap also holds the pad in place. The strap is fitted onto a stainless steel buckle so that it doesn’t pull out.

Personally, I find one strap really uncomfortable. But looking at what the previous users say, this one is extremely reliable.

Long Lasting

It will withstand the rough floors, heavy concrete splatter, masonry use, and any other job that you need done.


It is super light and you could wear it all day long around the construction site. Even better, you could have them around for long in case you take proper care of them.

They aren’t colorful thought but I guess no one is paying so much attention to color on asphalt.


  • Light
  • Long Lasting
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Soft Liner
  • Leather Caps


  • No color
  • Buckles not riveted


How to Choose the Best Leather Knee Pads for Work

With the leather knee pads reviews done, you might be wondering how to get a suitable one. Well, in this section I will give you a simple guideline on how to buy one. Read on to get the best knee pads for your use.


How the knee pad has been designed is very important. What material has been used to design the knee pad is equally important. Therefore you should always look at the following when it comes to knee pads design.


Leatherhead knee pads should be designed of pure leather. If done so, you can almost be guaranteed a longer lifespan and also safety to your knees. Heavy and thick leather will protect you against sharp objects around the construction site, pebbles on the floor, and even cuts from tiles.


Lining is basically a layer of material that covers the inside part of the knee pad. The lining should be soft so that you remain comfortable. It should also be thick so that sharp objects don’t penetrate it as the leather wears out. More importantly it should bend with your knees.


Metal alloy is the best material to forge a buckle from. They are long lasting and will hold the strap in place. Always look for a buckle that is easy to fit and one that’s made out of a meal alloy. It would be great if they were also riveted.


Yes. This is very important factor. Remember, I pointed out before that all my knee pads were adjustable? In fact every knee pad that I reviewed here has a universal size. It is important that the knee pads are adjustable. This makes them easy to fit and saves you from buying tons of knee pads.


User reviews are equally important. It is true that leather knee pads are good. But experience has taught me that manufacturers are different and so are the qualities of their materials. Reading user reviews and feedback will help you to have an insight of what your personal experience with the pads will be.


Another important factor to consider is the price of the knee pads. If the price falls within your budget it is okay. However, don’t rush into buying simply because the price is right. Personally, I always compare products so as to get the best out of the most affordable price plan.


Buying the best leather knee pads for work should be easy if you have the right information. Hopefully, by reading my reviews, I believe you have acquired this information. You can therefore choose an ideal set of knee pads for not only your use but to gift a loved one.

One thing you should remember though. When buying the best leather knee pads, keep in mind the type of work you intend to use them for. In addition to that you must also remember that the leather thickness might differ from one brand to the next.

It is therefore very important that you settle for what’s right. So always look and weigh your needs to find what’s really ideal.

Best Leather pads Brands

To protect your knee use best pad. Custom Leather craft is one of the best leading brand in knee pads industry. There are other best brand is Heritage Leather, TroxellUSA, Kraft Tool, Style n Craft, Occidental. Price range of leather knee pad: Near about $30 to $80 you can purchase this kind of knee pads.

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