McDavid Knee Sleeve Long Softball Sliding Pad Review [Updated 2020]

McDavid Knee Sleeve is designed for maximum protection to any kinds of injuries. Professional basketball player choice this haxpad knee sleeve most. This is good for athlete and college football player also.

Whom Is The Product For?

From expert analysis, we think these kinds of people will find this useful-

  • Athletes, College athletes, and sportsmen.
  • Active people of all ages.
  • People who do riding, climbing, cycling, etc.
  • People who do regular heavy-weight exercises.

What to Consider While Buying the McDavid Knee Sleeve ?

Extensive Coverage of Knee Area

While you are on the field, it is not sure that only knees can be hurt. Sometimes, impacts can occur at the nearby areas of the knee. In that case, if your knee protectors don’t provide an extensive coverage, your game can be changed.

Secured Protection of Knees

In the field, protecting the knees is one of the most significant anxieties of trainers and players. Thus, it will be an essential to choose the best protective and covering knee pads. I recommend this Knee pad Long Softball Sliding Pad considering all these prospects.

Variety in Sizes

Knee Sleeve Long Softball Sliding Pad have got a broad range of sizes and model to fulfill the necessity of people of all ages. You can visit the website of the manufacturers to check the size and dimensions of the product.

McDavid Knee Sleeve Impotent Features:

  • Long softball sliding pad.
  • Extra long protects bottom of the thigh, knee, calf and shin from abrasions caused by sliding.
  • The vast majority of the products are produced in the USA.
  • Sold individually Fits right or left leg.
  • Braces are constructed of 100% latex free neoprene,
  • McDavid Knee Sleeve is light enough to run.
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 7 x 3 inches; 2 pounds.


McDavid Knee Sleeve is light enough to run. Comfortable knee pads that helped you tear out over 2200 sq ft of tiles and carpet too. No pain for you while it was on your knees all day.

Cons :

This product survived the entire season and will be used for the next one. Make sure about size before ordering, because I have seen some negative review about sizing.

Verdict :

There is no denying the fact that it’s quite an excellent padding with a comfortable fit. Very good product for flooring work. The most part these knee pads have been the best so far. I would recommend this pair to friends. Buy these on Amazon and at such a high price.

Comfort and Fitness of the Knee Pads

Well, if you have worn knee pads and appeared in sports like soccer or basketball etc., you might had found that comfort is the priority. If you are not comfortable with your knee pads, you can’t concentrate on your game and will re-adjust the knee pads after every side-tackle, sprint or every impact on the ground. So be wise while choosing the model of the knee pads.

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