Best Meniscus Knee Brace for Meniscus Tear Reviews in 2020

Are you suffering from knee pain or have injured your knee meniscus? Then you are reading the article. You may also need this brace to say safe while running, playing, jumping or after surgery etc. As I have tried to put the best 3 meniscus knee brace for meniscus injury.

I have also put some suggestions for you to make things easier. I do care the fact that dealing with knee joint pain is not easy for you.

At first, you should know what this knee brace does to you and what’s the best knee brace for you. It provides a support for your knee meniscus and reduces pain realization. You can rely on my sense of responsibility and continue reading before buying one.

01. Knee Brace For Meniscus Injury: Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter

This product is one of the most versatile knee braces available in the market. Comes for 3 different level of support. So, you can buy the one you need. This product is specially made for providing help for ACL/PCL Injuries, hyper extension. Also for patella instability, medial/lateral instability and pain in ligament. Other features are given below.

Patent Pending X-Fit Strap System:

This is an exclusive protection system of this product. It securely wraps your leg contours. This provides user with the best comfort. It really helps when you are stretching your legs. Also gives a great stability to your knee during flex.knee brace for meniscus tear

Bilateral Support and Tempered Aluminum Stability:

The Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter has Bilateral Support and Tempered Aluminum Stability.

The Bilateral Support hinges the hyper extension stop and impact absorbing base pad. This really provides extra support to your leg and increases flexibility. The Tempered Aluminum Stability is anchored with Hypalon Sleeves.

Anatomical pre-curved design and Lycra Mesh:

The anatomical pre-curved design gives better fit, increases stability and comfort also. And the Lycra Mesh is a four way stretch system at back knee for better ventilation.

Easy grip and N-Tex air flow vented neoprene:

The convenient finger tab gives an easy grip. Also, the flow vented neoprene provides moisture compression that allows therapeutic warmth.

Available for 3 Different Support Level:

This product provides 3 different level of support. So, you can pick one that you need. Also comes with various sizes from extra small to triple extra-large.


  • This product is made especially for skin sensitive patients.
  • No harm to your skin and very easy to use.
  • Very comfortable as the top strap gives soars if it is too tight.


  • It may not fit if you don’t have the perfect size brace for you.
  • Correct sizing is little bit difficult to determine.


02. Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Support

This product is very much preferable for knee brace for torn meniscus. The Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Support is made in Germany. Thus ensures high quality. And also has a silicone omega pad which is a very advanced technology that heals and protects knee.

It has a very versatile shape. So, for this shape you can use it while doing anything. Like going on a walk, running, exercise anything. This knee brace is also helpful for healing many serious knee diseases.

Incorporated Silicone Omega Pad:

This is a very intelligent technology that makes this product very much preferable knee brace for torn meniscus.

This Silicone Omega Pad provides support to the meniscus. Also, gives intermittent compression to the knee. This increases the blood circulation within the knee meniscus. It helps the aid of swelling and edema. Also, gives the soft tissues a much advanced healing and support.

Three-dimensional knit:

This perfect knee brace comes up with a three dimensional knit covered by the knee.

This is very helpful for the knee. It keeps pressure off the knee cap yet does not let window edema do any hamper. This product is made in Germany with maximum quality assurance.

Multiple Uses:

This knee brace is prefect. It provides multiple service.

You can use this product for pain or strains on knee, also for instable knee. Also for Pre and post-operative knee inflammation, Post arthroscopy and Arthritis. This is effective in case of Osteoarthritis, Recurrent knee pain, Degenerative joint disease (DJD).

Great Knit: The knit used in this knee brace is very mush supportive for the knee brace for meniscus injury patients. This knit is made in such a system that is comfortable for the user.

Moreover, this product is lightweight and breathable knit. It will not let heat increase. Also is machine washable and gives for high wearing comfort.


  • This product is a pretty good knee support.
  • Can be used even for advanced level of arthritis and other knee diseases.
  • Three dimensional knit to cover up the entire knee.


  • There are no braces in this knee brace. Rather there is compression sleeve.
  • Also, immobilization facility is not very much in this product.


03. McDavid 422 Knee Brace

McDavid 422 Knee Brace provides the maximum service one can ever expect. The hinge is very much supportive for knee healing. Has some really great features which is handy for even serious arthritis patients. Check the below features to know more.

Advanced Design Mechanism:

This knee brace has one of the latest technologies.

The McDavid 422 Knee Brace has no gears in it. Both sidearm is articulated independently. Integrated with cushion hyperextension knee brace for meniscus tear

McDavid’s lightest hinge:

The hinge is made with side arms for aiding the strength. The engineered straps are also integrated so that it gives a personalized fit.

Latex-Free neoprene:

This provides compression. Also assures therapeutic heat. The padded isolates are Open 360 degree. This buttress supports the pattern.

Great Durability and Bound Edges:

This exclusive feature prevents our skin from irritation. It has perforated back panel gives moisture management and heat control. Also the exterior nylon later increases durability.

Maximum Service:

The McDavid 422 Knee Brace is a hinged knee brace that provides highest level of service. It gives a very good pain relief. Also the extra-long sleeve does fit very well on both right and left knee.


  • This product is preferred by all the users. Performance is very satisfactory and can be used for a long time.
  • It provides really good support for your knee and can be used for both the legs.
  • It is suitable for even serious damage or pain in the knee.
  • Really has great reputation for the users.
  • Also, this product is very much effective for knee pain healing.


  • Some users have found this knee brace to be a little bit tight.
  • It may be hard for some to put it on or off.

How A Knee Brace Can Help Avoiding Meniscus Injury

You may hurt your knee meniscus from various rush activities when you are not careful. A knee brace for meniscus tear is for providing an extra support to your knee. This protects you from getting injured as your joints are hold warm and tightly by this product.

And if you are already suffering from meniscus or knee injury then this will also provide protection. A knee meniscus also eradicates knee pain. It also increases blood flow through knee.

When you put on this brace you will find comport at your knee. Though you may not be able to do risky stuffs while injured. But you will surely be able to move easily even when you are injured. So, brace develops your condition of injury.

Even when you are not injured you can put this to stay safer from injuries. So, it is good to wear knee brace while playing or running and jumping.

Purchasing The Right Knee Brace for Meniscus Tear

You have already known that how much service this product provides you. But, one more thing is very important to know. There are various kinds of knee brace available. So, which one is perfect for you? It greatly depends on your condition of injury or purpose of use.

So, it’s better to take physician’s advice to decide which one to buy. As an example, if you are taking it for running time use it will be different from that for an injured person. So, I have also put every product’s suitability for your help.

Consideration To Buy Best meniscus knee brace:

There are many types of knee braces available in the market. But it will be of no use to you if you don’t take the perfect one for you.

The main categories of knee braces:

Hinged Knee Brace, Magnetic Knee Brace, Pull on Knee Brace, Wrap Around Knee Brace, Neoprene Knee brace and Strap Knee Brace.

But before buying a knee brace you should consider some facts. I have put them below for your ease.

Selecting the right one for you:

There are several types of knee brace such as Prophylactic, Rehabilitative, Unload and Offload etc. So, if you know the types and their respective service then you will be able to select the right one for you.

Selecting the right size:

It is very much important that the size of your brace is perfect. If it is not perfect then you may not get the maximum service. So, fitting the knee brace is very much important.

Do not Consider Budget:

I have always put in my articles to consider budget. But not in this case. It is all about your health. So, don’t think of the money and select the best knee brace for meniscus injury.

Buy Used to Save Money:
It is not suggested to buy the one that is cheap. But if anyone wants to save money then, buying the used product is not a bad idea.

Purpose :

The right knee brace for you depends on the purpose why you are buying it. If you need this for home use or for outside use there are different respective knee braces for that. Also, if you are willing to buy it for the exercise time then you should consider level of exercise.


If your injury is serious then you need high quality and high-performance knee brace and if your injury is not severe then a normal one will do.


It is important to pick the product of good brand. Good brands make high quality assured products. So, you can rely on products that have good reputation.

To determine if the brace size is perfect for you or not, follow this:

Wear the brace properly, then bend your legs to flexion. It fits you perfectly if it feels right on both extension and flexion position.


If you are facing any knee problem then I suggest you to go to a doctor as soon as possible. And, then take the best knee brace for you if prescribed by the doctor. Even if you don’t have any knee problems, you can use a knee brace. Because it does not only heal knee problems, it also protects you from one.

So, while going for a walk, running or exercise you should put on a knee brace to avoid knee meniscus injury.

A knee brace supports you in various ways. It provides support for the soft tissues in our knee meniscus. It also helps protect the joint alignment. Also, if you have any trouble in the alignment a knee brace can help you out of it.

Another very important service of this product is blood flow improvement. The brace increases and enhances the blood flow that develops knee condition. A therapeutic warmth is also provided by many high quality knee braces for torn meniscus.

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