Mizuno VS 1 Knee Pads For Volleyball Review

Mizuno VS 1 Knee Pads is one of the best knee pads in this kind of industry. For volleyball player, Mizuno vs. 1 knee pads is good one. Here knee pads review looking for some key features of Mizuno vs-1 volleyball knee pad. The VS-1 great features the system of Mizuno Inter-cool ventilation which is reducing the heat. This system also build-up humidity inside the knee pads.

Mizuno VS 1 Knee Pads Review For Volleyball Player by Mizuno.

Whom Is The Product For?

From expert analysis, we think these kinds of people will find this useful-

  • Athletes, College athletes, and sportsmen.
  • Active people of all ages.
  • People who do riding, climbing, cycling, etc.
  • Individuals who do regular heavy-weight exercises.

Mizuno VS 1 Kneepads Features:

•    Cloth of the kneepad is polyester.
•    Patella, lateral, and medial protection is increased by its padding.
•    D.F. Cut Pad for superior fit without bulk
•    The kneepad blends by poly, cotton, and spandex
•    Great system of Mizuno Intercool ventilation.
•    Mizuno VS-1 is nine inches sleeve length.
•    Color: Black.
•    Pad Dimensions: 8 x 6.5 x 2 inches.
•    Weight: 1.6 ounces.
•    Brand: Mizuno.


Mizuno is one of the best brand in knee pads industry. Mizuno VS-1 Kneepad is perfect for indoor volleyball. while on the court it provides nice impact protection all around the knee. A 9 inches long sleeve length to provide maximum protection. Supplied with one pair of knee pads set, to ensure the protection of both knees. Washable and durable but still holds the colors on for an extended period.


We have seen some of the reviewers says the obvious downside about this knee pads; that is the pads tend to slide down while walking or running and must occasionally be re-positioned. Some users found it less protective comparing to some other available models of knee pads. Sometimes, the sizing chart from the manufacturer was considered inaccurate for some of the real users.

What to Consider While Buying the Mizuno VS 1 Knee Pads ?

  • Excellent Quality Comes with Great Material
    One of the most impressive features of Mizuno VS-I knee pads is the material itself. I think it’s important to consider the ground material of knee pads. And as long as the design is concerned, the Poly/Spandex/Cotton made Mizuno VS-I knee pad deserves to be on the top list of available models of the market.
  • Immune Medical Protection and Safe Moves
    While playing volleyball, you have to make quite dangerous moves now and then. As the ground is hard enough to cause damage, there is a huge chance of getting injured instantly. The Mizuna VS-I knee pad provides an enhanced protection of lateral, patella and medical protection.
  • Keep Your Knees Coo Dry with Your Knee Pad
    If you are a volleyball player yourself, you should have plenty ideas on how much uncomfortable it feels to have wet knees. Thus, another important functionality of knee pads is to keep your knee dry and clean. Mizuno inter-cool ventilation is there completely to fulfill this demand of a volleyball player while playing.
  • Variety in Sizes
    Mizuno VS-I Knee Pads have got a full range of sizes and model to meet the necessity of people of all ages. You can visit the website of the manufacturers to check the size and dimensions of the product.

Verdict :

My Overall recommendation is this Mizuno VS 1 Kneepad is most comfortable for volleyball player. This kneepad offered the best protection of your knee and nice Comfortable to wear.

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