Nova Wheelchair Reviews and Buying Guide for 2021

Choosing the best nova wheelchair for your use can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time. However, with the right help, you will easily round up the best option in no time.

That’s why I am here. I have prepared the top nova wheelchair reviews for you. Apart from the reviews, I have also included a simple buying guide.

My intention is to help you in making an informed choice when buying your nova heavy-duty or lightweight wheelchair.

Take a look at the reviews first before you can get to the guide. They are comprehensive, well-researched, and have the top best-selling nova transport, wheelchair models.

01. NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair with Locking Hand Brakes

If you are looking for a light NOVA wheelchair, you should pick this model. It is sturdy and will offer much more than just weight.

For starters, this NOVA lightweight wheelchair is super cool if you are looking for a smooth transportation system.

It has a unique lightweight design that’s simple to maneuver. Thanks to the aluminum alloy frame that makes it easy to load, lift, and transport.

The design also comes with large 12″ rear wheels that are easy to push along any type of terrain. These rear wheels work with the 8″ inch front wheels to maximize maneuverability.

More importantly, the front wheels use a lockable technology that allows them to remain in place once you stop the wheelchair.

When it comes to storage, this wheelchair will also leave you with a superior touch. It supports the folding technology, which allows it to collapse easily and to fold up compactly.

The secondary wheel lock system is also supported with removable Anti-Tippers. These two combine to provide you with additional safety.

Thankfully, there is also the NOVA’s patented locking brake system. The brakes are operated by hand and will control speed apart from acting as parking brakes.

nova lightweight transport chair

  • Easy to Use: Adjustable seat belt
  • Additional Storage Space: Small storage pouch
  • Flexible space: Flip-up/removable desk arms
  • Safe for use: NOVA hand brakes
  • Comfort design: Swing-away footrests
  • Light in weight: Weighs only 27 lbs


  • Catches dirt easily: Vinyl fabric


02. NOVA Bariatric Transport Heavy Duty Chair with Locking Hand Brakes

For safety rides on inclined terrains, bumps, and even smooth areas, this all-terrain nova wheelchair is the bomb.

It has an adjustable seat belt that will easily adjust up to 41″ or thereabout. In addition to that is a small storage pouch that you can use for your car keys and a cell phone.

The wheelchair is easy to use and supports the flip-up/removable desk arms. The arms are padded, and so is the seat.

Yet to make the experience better, the NOVA hand brakes with feather touch locking is used. They are easy to reach and are operated by hand to control the wheelchair’s speed.

You can, therefore, lock and park your wheelchair or reduce the speeds on a high-traffic area.  The wheelchair’s desk arms also allow you to use the wheelchair at your desk or dining table anytime.

For more comfortable rides, there are the swing-away footrests. These footrests enjoy a quick-release technology that allows you to stand and sit without a hitch.

The footrests are also easy to adjust if you need the perfect fit. They will lock back in place and use the heel loops to secure your feet.

Personally, I love this wheelchair because of its high weight capacity. It can easily hold someone who weighs 400 pounds without any glitch.
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It is also super-light and weighs only 27 lbs when packed. This means that you can always carry this wheelchair along with trips without any pressure.

nova transport wheelchair

  • Lightweight wheelchair: 43.1 pounds
  • Strong and durable: Aluminum alloy frame
  • Easy maneuverability: Large and small wheels
  • Safe: Lockable wheeling technology
  • Easy storage: Folding technology


  • Limited Styles: Limited Color


03. NOVA 18″ Steel Wheelchair with Fixed Arms & Footrests

NOVA 18″ Steel Wheelchair is the best heavy-duty wheelchair from NOVA. It is designed with fixed arms. However, the arms are padded and will leave you with so much comfort.

More importantly, the wheelchair uses highly-durable steel to give you a reliable heavy-duty design.  It also has swift wheels on the front and large two wheels on the rear end. The wheels are easy to maneuver and will work on any type of terrain.

Due to this, the wheelchair has a higher capacity and will hold up to 300 lbs of weight at maximum.

This design is highly efficient, reliable, and sturdy. It is also very comfortable and comes with a swing-away footrest. The footrest is adjustable and can be easily customized to suit the user.

When fully-customized, the user finds it easy to stand and sit in the wheelchair. More importantly, the design allows the user to use the hand lever to lock up the wheel.

The seat is wide, and the frame has an anti-rust hammer-tone finish that guarantees durability. It also incorporates a flame retardant black vinyl among its seating upholstery.

The good design also offers a pocket on the rear end for easy storage of small items, including phones.

Nova heavy duty wheelchair

  • Lightweight: 35.15 pounds
  • Comfort Height: 18″ Steel Wheelchair
  • Soft and Comfy Touch: Padded arms
  • Durable: Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Large Capacity: 300 lbs of weight
  • Safe for Use: Anti-rust hammer-tone finish


  • Lesser Storage Space: Small pocket at the back


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NOVA Transportation Wheelchair Buying Guide

Now that you have seen the best three Nova wheelchairs, it’s probably time you chose the ones that fit your needs. Not so fast; before you get down to that, I suggest that you look through the best buying considerations.

Pricing is a vital factor

Let me just say that if you cannot afford it, you cannot buy it. Lucky for you, online buying has some of the best pocket-friendly prices. Nonetheless, you’d still need to ensure that the price is right.

A good way to do that is to pick determine a budget. Once you have your budget in place, you can then buy a wheelchair that falls within the range.


Another thing that you must keep an eye on is the type of construction. Usually, durable construction is very important. To ensure that the design of the wheelchair that you are going for meets your needs, look for the following construction.

Metallic Alloy Frame

These are some of the most durable frames. The best metals for wheelchair frames include aluminum and steel. Aluminum is known for its lightweight, while steel is sturdy and reliable. Even so, both of them are sturdy and will last longer.

Durable Wheelchair Fabric

You can also look for a durable fabric for your wheelchair. The best fabric to use is the nylon fabric. It offers durability and easy maintenance. Nylon is easy to clean and also to take proper care of.

Ease of Use

Again you must also focus on the ease of use. How easy to learn is your nova wheelchair? Is it easy to use? All these answers should be on the affirmative. An easy to use Nova wheelchair should have the following qualities.

  • Efficient, reliable, and easy to reach brakes
  • Adjustable handlebars for the best comfort
  • Rubberized or contoured grips for non-slip touch
  • Smooth wheelchair wheels with an easy glide


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Finally, you must also get a wheelchair that’s comfortable. Most wheelchairs that come with a padded handle, seats, leg rests, and easy to reach brake levers are often comfortable.

Additional Information

While we have the factors to consider when buying your best nova wheelchair, it doesn’t end there. Here are some additional factors that you should keep in mind.

What Should I Look for in a Safe NOVA Wheelchair?

Of utmost importance is the safety of the wheelchair that you are using. Make sure that the nova lightweight wheelchair that you are using is safe. You don’t want to expose yourself to fatal scenarios. To determine safety, look for the following.

  • Easy to reach and efficient brakes
  • The mark of approval and quality
  • Easy to use harness or seat-belt
  • Folding technology for easy storage
  • Easy to move wheels with lockable technology

What Other Factors Should I Look for When Buying?

Whether you are buying a heavy-duty wheelchair or a lightweight model, these other factors will come into play.

Storage Space

You’ll have to look for additional storage space. A private under the chair or behind the backrest storage space will be ideal. It can help you to keep a few accessories, including phones and tablets.

Footrest Design

It is good to have a footrest in your wheelchair, and many models have it anyway. However, one thing that you should ask yourself is this; how different are your footrests?

  • Are they removable?
  • Are they easy to adjust?
  • Do they come with durable materials?
  • Can you replace them in case of damages? Check warranty-info.

Wheelchair Weight

Another thing that’s important to have is a lightweight wheelchair. Lighter wheelchairs are easy to push around. They are also easy to move, pack, and transport. Most of the time, you can also tag them along a trip.

Anti-Corrosive Touch

In addition to that, you should also make sure that you have a rust-resistant frame. A-frame with the best anti-corrosive touch will last longer. Always look for a wheelchair model with the best finish.

Comfort Height

Finally, make sure that the height of the wheelchair from the floor is also comfortable. The standard height is 18″ from the floor. This height is easy to climb and also step out from when you take a breather.


Buying a nova wheelchair is as simple as buying any other high-end wheelchair. You need to be patient and also to choose your best model according to your needs. On most occasions, you will realize that once you choose a model that suits your needs, you will have a better experience.

Even so, you cannot look through every little trick. That’s why I sampled up the most vital options for you to go with. These options that I have given you plus the reviews will help you a great deal.

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