POC Knee Pads Review And Buying Guide

People who love extreme outdoor games will also understand the need to protect themselves best. They should always step out with the right safety gears and also choose a game that they understand best.

Simple as it may sound, the reality is that these games can be very fatal. Motocross biking for instance can leave you with very bad injuries. The same applies to stunt actions.

One of the best protective gears that you can choose is the POC knee pads. That’s what we are going to look at today.

First let’s start out with a few reviews of these top-rated knee pads. We rounded up these models after carrying out a comprehensive comparison of all these models.


01. POC Joint VPD 2.0 Knee Protector, Mountain Biking Armor

The very first POC joint VPD air knee pad that we will look at is the Joint VPD 2.0 POC Knee pad.

The Joint VPD 2.0 Knee Protector is one of the best all-round knee pads that will offer a higher efficiency and level of protection.

The knee pad’s VPD technology adapts easily to your body shape and will leave you feeling really comfortable.

More importantly, upon any type of impact, the material will stiffen and absorb the impact from every direction.

Thankfully, it is also durable as the material used is a high-end 100% Polyester material with better elasticity.

It has a secure fit technology that comes with the reinforced stretching fabric for additional breathability.

The one thing that I love it for though is the simple perforation that also maximizes the release of heat and moisture.

POC Joint VPD 2.0 Knee pads

  • Long lasting ability: 100% Polyester
  • Best elasticity levels: 6″ high 10″ wide
  • Maximum Protection: 3D molded VPD 2.0 knee protector
  • Perfect fit technology: Reinforced stretch fabric
  • High-end breathability: Perforated for moisture control
  • Maximum Comfort: Elastic strapping


  • Not Ideal for Kids: 14 x 10 x 6 inches


02. POC Joint VPD 2.0 Elbow, Mountain Biking Armor

Apart from the top POC knee pad, we have the POC Joint VPD 2.0 Elbow pad. This is also tailored for the best protection against any injuries that you might sustain on extreme sports.

This pad has a formidable stitching that enables it to maximize its efficiency. It is easy to use and offers one of the best air wicking abilities for any bike rider, skater, or many other pro athletes too.

The elbow pad offers an all-round high level of protection. They are also comfortable to wear throughout the day and will withstand even the toughest riding conditions.

The best thing about this pad is this. It adapts to your body shape but stiffens when exposed to any form of impact.

This maximizes its absorption properties upon impact and minimizes any potential injury too.  Thankfully, the pad is packed with a crash retention strap (CRS) that helps to prevent the pad from sliding off.

Mountain Biking Armor

  • Compact and easy to fit: 13 x 8 x 5 inches
  • Offers the best knee protection: 3D molded VPD 2.0 elbow protector
  • Comfortable and easy to fit: Reinforced stretching fabric
  • Withstands the most demanding use: 3D molding
  • Prevents any sliding out of place: Crash retention strap (CRS)
  • Maximum stretch: Elastic strap
  • Light in Weight: 1.25 pounds


  • Easy to forget around the knee: Too light – 1.25 pounds


03. POC Joint VPD 2.0 Long Knee Pad

There isn’t much of a difference between the POC Joint VPD 2.0 Long Knee Pad and the one above it.

Just as that same model, Joint VPD 2.0 Long Knee Pad is designed for the mountain biker who needs the greatest freedom of movement.

It will protect the knees and more importantly the lower legs too. Thanks to its extended length that stretches it way beyond the normal knee pads.

Due to its length, this knee pad will also protect you against lower leg impacts such as those of pedals, stumps, and rocks.

The VPD 2.0 Long Knee Pad adapts easily to the shape of the body and also stiffens when exposed to any extreme impact.

 VPD 2.0 Long Knee Pad

  • Perfect fit technology: Ergonomic design
  • Maximum all-round protection: 3D molded VPD
  • Best shin protector: Longer stretched out design
  • Easy moister wicking capacity: Perforated technology
  • Maximum comfort: Reinforced stretching fabric


  • Limited stretching length: Elastic strap with perfect fit technology


04. POC – Joint VPD Air Elbow for Mountain Biking Armor

Finally, to wrap up our best POC knee pads reviews is the POC – Joint VPD Air Elbow knee pads.

The knee pad is designed for guys who love extreme outdoor activities such as pro athlete cyclists.

They are best at helping these athletes to enhance their flexibility and overall range of motion. The knee pads will leave you with a unique freedom of movement.

They come with the best air wicking ventilation and are good at preventing you from sweaty knees.

Thankfully, the Joint VPD Air Elbow weighs less and features the crash retention strap (CRS). It is fitted with an anti-slip neoprene that ensures a comfortable fit.

Thankfully, the design is also unmatched and it comes with a stylish black color with a logo at the top. POC – Joint VPD Air Elbow pad is, therefore, one of the best options to go for.

Elbow for Mountain Biking Armor

  • High-End Material: Neoprene and VPD compound
  • Best Closure System: Crash Retetntion Strap (CRS)
  • Maximum Protection Area: Knee and elbow pads
  • High-End Efficiency: EN 1621-1 Certifications
  • Light in Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Compact Design: 11 x 11 x 4 inches
  • High Durability: Neoprene and VPD compound


  • Limited Color: Black


05. POC – Joint VPD Air Knee Pad for Mountain Biking Armor

The Joint VPD Air Knee Pad for Mountain Biking Armor is another awesome knee pad that sits well among its peers.

It is a lightweight model and one of the best designed knee pads. The Joint VPD Air Knee is also a light-duty knee pad. It is developed for the cyclists who are looking for a boost in their range of motion.

The pad offers an even better level of flexibility and ventilation. You will get an awesome freedom of movement that enables you to ride for long.

Even better, this knee pad is also tailored to last just like the previous models. It comes with an elastic strap that allows it to stretch out fully.

It also enjoys an anti-slip neoprene material that ensures that it has a comfortable fit under the best and also the toughest riding conditions.


  • High level of protection: Impact absorbing VPD
  • Lightweight and easy to fit: 12.8 ounces
  • Tough and best for longer use: Reinforced stretching fabric
  • Compact and comes with a perfect fit: 13 x 11 x 4 inches
  • Non-slipping touch: Crash retention strap (CRS) and Neoprene anti-slip


  • No contour on the inside: Low profile design


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POC Knee Pads Buying Guide

You have seen the every single POC knee pad review. Why not grab the most ideal pair? Not so fast. Let me give you some of the best pointers that will make your work easy.


One thing that is true is this. Anything that is designed to offer protection must be stronger than what it is protecting. A good knee pad will ensure that you are protected against any form of impact.

They should be able to absorb the greatest impact and minimize any form of damage. POC pads are best since they stiffen upon impact. Stiffening allows them to arrest your limb in time from potential injury.

Get the Price

You cannot buy a knee pad if you cannot afford it. It is, therefore, very important that before you buy, you find out what the price is. However, if you are to do that first, you might go back and forth a lot.

The best thing to do is to determine what you want to spend on your knee pad. Once you have your budget ready, you can then shop around the set budget. Doing this will guarantee an affordable purchase.

User Reviews

Next, you should keep an eye out for the user reviews. Take a look at what the previous users and also review experts say. This will help you to understand if the choice that you have made is the best.

Maximum Comfort

Apart from all these, another thing that is also important to note is the comfort of the knee pad. Knee pad comfort is often determined by the following:

  • The best air wicking technology
  • Additional internal padding
  • Perfect fit knee pad size: you can use the POC size chart
  • Non-slip technology

Additional Information

In addition to what we have seen above, there are many other buying factors that will also come into play when buying. They include:

  • The type of material of design: Determines longevity
  • The color of the knee pad: For personal styling
  • Area covered: For maximum protection
  • Weight of the pad: Determines duration of use

Note: If you want the best experience with your knee pad, you must understand every consideration that will guarantee the best model.

Frequently Asked Questions About POC Knee Pads

What I have given you will easily leave you with the right knee pad for your use. However, the FAQs that I will add here are also helpful.

Where Can I Buy the Best POC Knee Pads?

The best place to buy is online. Online shops have some of the most affordable prices. They also have direct warranties that you can claim anytime. In addition to that, you will also have a variety of products to compare and that leave you with best choices.

What are the Best Care Tips for Knee Pads?

First you must read the user manual. This is very important. Apart from reading the user manual, the other knee pads care tips that you can follow are:

  • Having a knee pad cleaning routine
  • Using the knee pad as directed by manufacturer
  • Taking care of the straps and hooks

Must a Knee Pad Be Perforated?

No. However, if a knee pad is perforated, it maximizes the breath-ability or air circulation. In turn, the knee pad will have the best air wicking technology. You won’t feel sweaty around the knee.

How Can I get Top-Rated Knee Pad for Less?

You should look for options that will help you to cut on price. Some of the best options to look at include:

  • Warranties
  • Purchase offers
  • Discounted prices


It doesn’t end with just buying the best POC joint VPD air knee pad, no. Apart from doing that, you must also learn to take proper care of yourself. This is very important. You should strive to boost your skills so that you minimize any chances of injuries.

Nonetheless, the most important thing when buying any top-rated POC knee pad is to understand your needs.

Look through the terrain that you are riding on so as to understand what type of hazards you are likely to face. This is an important factor that will go a long way in saving your day.

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