Total Knee Replacement Protocol: Simple Guide that Works

After having a total knee replacement surgery, most people end up with long lists of what not to do. However, it doesn’t always have to end up like this. Research has determined that after a successful total knee replacement protocol there are many things that you can do. The only thing you need is to remain cautious so as not to aggravate the injury.

Here is a simple total knee replacement protocol for quick rehabilitation. It has been used by many patients before and has had some amazing results.

Step I: Week I

After the hospital discharge, a nurse will visit to change the dressing. The nurse will review your at-home exercise program and ice your knee for aggressive edema control. They can also massage it and elevate the knee.

At this point, the nurse will help you to initiate quadriceps/ gluten sets, straight leg raise exercises, and passive and active range motion workouts.

Step II: Weeks II – IV

Nurse visits to remove stitch and perform a checkup.  The nurse continues with the soft tissue treatments and the gentle mobilization to the main posterior musculature, patella, and the incisions.

This will eventually increase the range of motion and prevent edema. It should also address any pain.

Step III: Week IV – VI

At this point, the nurse visits to perform the soft tissue treatments and perform a gentle mobilization to your posterior musculature, patella, and the incisions too.  There will be an increase in the main intensity of the functional exercises.

You could be asked to walk outside and the nurse might choose to introduce weight machines. In addition to that, the nurse could incorporate balance exercises such as assisted single-leg balance. The range of motion should be about 110 degrees.

Step IV: Week VI – VIII

At this point, there will be continued soft tissue treatments and joint mobilizations. In addition to that, the nurse introduces patellar glides to increase the range of motion. Additional exercises such as lateral training exercises including lateral step and stepovers might be incorporated.

Step V: Week VIII+

This is usually the last point for many people. The will be a continuation of the soft tissue treatments, the joint mobilizations, and patellar glides to increase the range of motion. Household chores, gardening, and sporting activities will be introduced.

These low impact activities will continue until week 12 however there will be no twisting or pivoting until the 12th week.

Top Mistakes to Avoid After Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Even so, if you want the best result you must avoid certain mistakes. Here are the top mistakes to avoid in case you want the best total knee replacement recovery time.

Walking Around More Every Time

Total knee replacement protocol requires that you exercise lightly as you regain your normal efficiency. However, many people who undergo this procedure mistakenly think that the more you can walk the better shot you’ve got a quick recovery.

Well, I’ve got news for you. Don’t play doctor. During a total knee replacement protocol, the ends of the long bones are often trimmed and prosthesis placed. The cut bones can be pretty much painful. It can ache for months and take quite long to heal.

In case you choose to walk around with any support and knee protection you are likely to inflame and aggravate these bones. This can cause more pain. Get a regular 2 wheeled walker. It will help you to slow down a bit.

Trusting Totally on Rehab Professionals

Rehab professionals are paid to ensure that you are incorporated into the recommended medical model. However, recovery therapists often have so many other patients. Because of this, they might be forced at times to flex around their routine to fit everyone. This might mean less time with your therapist.

TIP: The fact is, while rehab professionals might see you 2-3 times per week, the best knee surgery success is usually found if your total knee replacement physical therapy protocol runs at least 4x a day. So focus more on how to smash these numbers but still practice moderation at the same time.

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Focusing Too Much on Easy Workout

There is nothing “easy” about the “easy” workout routine. I will be quite frank with you. According to the experts there hasn’t been a case of knee incision split open by an active bending exercise.

In short, this is what I mean.  Easy exercises will keep you going but they won’t have the impact you need. Instead of focusing on them more, try bending instead. Bending is good for total knee replacement physical therapy protocol. It will help your knee to respond delightfully and give you the range of motion you want in steady increments.


It’s important to understand the right total knee replacement protocol. However, you must know what to avoid if you need the best results. Hopefully, this post has captured both and given you better insight. participates in the Amazon Associates Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon. This means that whenever you buy a product on Amazon from a link on here, we get a small percentage of its price.