Best Mtb Knee Pads Elbow Protective Gear [Updated 2021]

To guard your elbows and knee against bruises and any other injuries, using the Fox Racing Launch Pro Elbow MTB Protective Gear for instance would be a great idea. MTB bike knee pads will give you the best protection and leave you with a high end protection. For people who love outdoor sports, wearing the best protective gears is usually very important. Bike riding for instance is often a very good example of an outdoor sport that requires such high end protection.

In this post, I have reviewed the Fox Racing Launch Pro Elbow MTB Protective Gear and looked at some of its best features and the reason why you should actually buy it as your best.

Our main focus is why the features measure up to the needs of any biker and more importantly why they are the best option for you. Read on to find out!  

Sizing of Best  MTB Knee Pads

Fox Racing Launch Pro Elbow MTB Protective Gear offers a snug fit design. Because of their elastic touch, these top rated mtb bike knee pads will easily retract to the exact size of your knee cap and give you the exact fit that you desire. 

Even so, it will still leave you with the perfect range of motion and with the ability to easily move around your knees without any kind of hitch. Thanks also to the various sizes of Small, Medium, Large and also XL that these pads come in.


More importantly, these best budget mtb knee pads will give you the maximum protection. Thanks to their articulated top rated hard shell fortification. The shell is an addition cap that will protect you from instant impact in an event that you fall down or have an accident.

The elbow cups designs are super plush padded so that your best pads can easily absorb any form of force and also shock at the time of impact. This are also surrounded with an extra padding for additional impact resistance touch.

Even better, the pads enjoy a Kevlar neoprene cover for an added protection from scrapes and also scratches.


Comfort is the main reason why these knee pads have been referred to as the best MTB knee pads. They are designed with a high end air ad moisture winking capacity that will ensure you are pretty much comfortable even under the highest temperatures.

The perforated neoprene design is indeed very much breathable and will leave you feeling really cool. Additionally, they are the best MTB knee pads so you hardly notice if they are even there.

And above all that, they come with pre-curved top style ergonomic fit which leaves you with top range of motion irrespective of your riding position.


When I tried them on I wasn’t aware of their how awesome their color would look on me. Indeed, I was surprised and it took me no time to go for them. Apart from the 1.2 ounce of weight, I believe that most of you will actually find the super fancy Fox Logo on top of these knee pads and also the black color to be very much forgiving in any biking style or design.

The pads also focus on a superior fit and protection and they feature a wrap-around hook and also loop closure for easy use.

Features Of the Best mtb Knee Pads

  • Articulated top rated hard shell fortification
  • Elbow cups designs are super plush padded
  • Surrounded with an extra padding
  • Kevlar neoprene cover
  • Perforated neoprene design
  • Pre-curved top style ergonomic fit
  • 1.2 ounce of weight
  • Super fancy Fox Logo on top
  • Wrap-around hook
  • Loop closure for easy use


  • Super affordable
  • Super durable and will last longer
  • Designer logo for a personalize branding touch
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Easy to clean after every use
  • Machine washer friendly
  • Elastic with a snug fit design
  • Suitable for different types of outdoor sports
  • Highly adjustable with wrap around hook


  • Not suitable for people who want a variety of colors to choose from.
  • New riders might find it rather pricey to go for
  • There aren’t any sizes for kids
  • The user manual is not pretty much detailed
  • The wrap up hook is not easy to replace once it’s broken.

We also have a detailed review on best knee support in case if you want to check that out.

Final Verdict

Best mtb knee pads (Protective Gear is incredibly) easy to put on, adjust, and also take off. They are a high end multi-sport design that can be used for BMX Biking to snowboarding and possibly skiing.

I really recommend these pads from a personal experience and also for their high rated performance and superior all-round super cool pad design.

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